Call to Order
Roll Call
Agenda Approval-Seconder
Stu Niebergall, Regina & Region Homebuilderts' Association
James Archibald, Arch Transco Ltd.
Diana Ghikas
Doug Hudgins, Portable Sign Association
CP19-176 : Bill Gray, Queen City Eastview Community Association: Proposed Industrial Bylaw Changes
a. QC Eastview Community Association
CM19-10 : The Regina Zoning Bylaw, 2019 (No. 2019-19) Supplemental Report #2
documentCC City Manager Printout
a. CR19-AppA-1
b. CR19-AppB-1
2019-19 : THE REGINA ZONING BYLAW, 2019 (NO. 2019-19) - (Third Reading)
a. 2019-19 The Regina Zoning Bylaw 2019
b. Table of Contents
c. Chapter 1 - Authority and Administration
d. Chapter 2 - Interpretation
e. Chapter 3A - RN Residential Neighbourhood
f. Chapter 3B - RU Residential Urban
g. Chapter 3C - RL Residential Low-rise
h. Chapter 3D - RH Residential High-Rise
i. Chapter 3E - RMH Residential Manufactured Home
j. Chapter 3F - R1 Residential Detached
k. Chapter 4A - ML Mixed Low-rise
l. Chapter 4B - MH Mixed High-rise
m. Chapter 4C - MLM Mixed Large Market
n. Chapter 4D - OA Office Area
o. Chapter 5A - IP Industrial Prestige
p. Chapter 5B - IL Industrial Light
q. Chapter 5C - IH Industrial Heavy
r. Chapter 6A - DCD-D
s. Chapter 6B - DCD-LHP
t. Chapter 6C - DCD-QP
u. Chapter 6D - DCD-SD
v. Chapter 6E - DCD-CS
w. Chapter 6F - DCD-WH
x. Chapter 6G - DCD-CBM
y. Chapter 7A - C Contract Zone
z. Chapter 7B - I Institutional
aa. Chapter 7C - UH Urban Holding
ab. Chapter 7D - RW - Railway
ac. Chapter 7E - PS Public Service
ad. Chapter 8A - AC Architectural Control District Overlay
ae. Chapter 8B - AP Aquifer Protection Overlay
af. Chapter 8C - DEN Residential Density Overlay
ag. Chapter 8D - FA Floor Area Overlay
ah. Chapter 8E - FW Floodway Overlay Zone
ai. Chapter 8F - H Holding Overlay
aj. Chapter 8G - HT Height Overlay
ak. Chapter 8H - LGS Laneway and Garden Suite Overlay
al. Chapter 8I - NEF Noise Exposure Forecast Overlay
am. Chapter 8J - PL Pipeline Corridor Setback Overlay
an. Chapter 8K - RID Residential Infill Development Overlay
ao. Chapter 8L - RS Railway Setback Overlay
ap. Chapter 8M - LA Lane Access Overlay
aq. Chapter 9 - Zoning Maps
ar. Chapter 10 A - The Diocese Property Architectural Codes
CM19-11 : The Regina Sign Bylaw, 2019 (No. 2019-20) Supplemental Report #2
documentCC City Manager Printout
a. CR19-AppA-1
2019-19 : 2019-19 Zoning Bylaw
2019-20 : THE SIGN BYLAW
a. 2019-20 The Sign Bylaw