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Please be advised that I will submit the following NOTICE OF MOTION at the March 27, 2017 meeting of City Council:


WHEREAS large Crown Corporations like SaskTel, SaskPower, SGI, and SaskEnergy are headquartered in Regina;


WHEREAS these and other Crown Corporations directly employ over 10,000 people in the province;


WHEREAS over half of all Crown Corporation employees, or approximately 6,600 workers, are employed in Regina;


WHEREAS Crown Corporations, like SaskTel, are important financial contributors to community events and organizations throughout the province;


WHEREAS Crown Corporations offers high quality and affordable telecommunications services and infrastructure, automobile insurance, power, and energy services for public and private sector employers in Regina;


WHEREAS SaskTel alone returned, on average, $82.99 million in dividends per year to the public treasury between 2001 and 2015;


WHEREAS the Crown Corporations returned approximately $102 million in revenue to the City of Regina as grants in-lieu of property taxes between 2011 and 2015; and


WHEREAS the complete or partial privatization of Crown Corporations could jeopardize these benefits for the residents of Regina and the province.


THEREFORE BE IT RESLOVED be it resolved that:


1.              City Council rejects calls by the provincial government to privatize any portion of Saskatchewan’s Crown Corporations.


2.              City Council affirms the economic benefit of wholly-publicly owned Crown Corporations for the City of Regina.


3.              The outcome of this motion be communicated to the Ministers responsible for the respective Crown Corporations by letter from Mayor Fougere on behalf of City Council.


Respectfully submitted,


Andrew Stevens

Councillor - Ward 3