AT REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN, Saturday, February 20, 2021


AT A MEETING OF Regina Planning Commission

HELD IN Special Meeting Session


AT 9:00 AM


These are considered a draft rendering of the official minutes. Official minutes can be obtained through the Office of the City Clerk once approved.



Councillor John Findura, in the Chair

Councillor Terina Shaw (Videoconference)

Councillor Shanon Zachidniak (Videoconference)

Frank Bojkovsky (Videoconference)

Biplob Das (Videoconference)

Adrienne Hagen Lyster

Cheri Moreau (Videoconference)

Tak Pham (Videoconference)

Celeste York (Videoconference)

Kathleen Wilson



Jacob Sinclair


Also in Attendance:

Council Officer, Elaine Gohlke

Legal Counsel, Cheryl Willoughby (Videoconference)

Executive Director, City Planning & Community Development,
  Diana Hawryluk

Director, Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services, Laurie Shalley

Director, Planning & Development Services, Fred Searle

Manager, Social & Cultural Development, Emmaline Hill

Senior City Planner, Ben Mario

Senior City Planner, Femi Adegeye

Senior Engineer, Max Zasada (Videoconference)



Approval of Agenda

Adrienne Hagen Lyster moved, AND IT WAS RESOLVED, that the agenda for this meeting be approved, as submitted, after adding the following Communications:

RPC21-9              from Laurie Nenson
RPC21-10              from Ross Keith
RPC21-11              from Jackie Schmidt, Heritage Regina
RPC12-12              from Heather Quale
RPC21-13              from Colan McCrum
RPC12-14               from Mark Hanley
RPC12-15              from Rod McDonald
RPC21-16              from Gerald L. Gerrand, Q.C.

RPC21-17              from Jeannie Mah, Architectural Heritage Society of Saskatchewan

RPC21-18              from Wayne Goranson

RPC21-19              from Carmen Lien

and that the delegations be heard in the order they are called forward by the Chairperson.

Administration Report

RPC21-8              3160 Albert Street - Heritage Designation Bylaw Amendment, Zoning Bylaw Amendment (Contract Zone), and Partial Street Closure of Hill Avenue (PL202000128, PL202000160)


Regina Planning Commission recommends that City Council:


1.              Deny the application to amend to Bylaw 2019-7, being The Bylaw to Designate the Cook Residence at 3160 Albert Street as Municipal Heritage Property, as shown on Appendix C.


2.               Deny the application to rezone the property located at 3160 Albert Street, on proposed Lot 21, Block 631 (as shown on the plan of proposed subdivision, attached as Appendix D) from R1 – Residential Detached Zone (RID – Residential Infill Overlay Zone) to C – Contract Zone to allow for the carrying out of a specific proposal which would include the development of a “Building, Stacked” land use consisting of 16 Dwelling Unit.


3.              Deny the application to close a portion of Hill Avenue, as shown on the proposed subdivision, attached as Appendix D.


4.              Approve these recommendations at its special meeting on February 25, 2021.

The following addressed the Commission:


-        Sharon Pratchler;

-        Maureen Jickling;

-        Ross Keith;

-        Scott Hardisty;

-        Colan McCrum ;

-        Don Black;

-        Jackie Schmidt, Heritage Regina; and

-        Carmen Lien.


Adrienne Hagen Lyster moved that the recommendation contained in the report be concurred in.


Pursuant to the provisions of Section 34 (13.1) of City Council's Procedure Bylaw No. 9004, Councillor Findura called for a 15 minute recess.

Regina Planning Commission recessed at 11:12 a.m.

Regina Planning Commission reconvened at 11:29 a.m.


The Council Officer called the vote.



In Favour





Adrienne Hagen Lyster



Frank Bojkovsky



Biplob Das



Cheri Moreau



Tak Pham



Kathleen Wilson



Celeste York



Councillor Shanon Zachidniak



Councillor John Findura










The motion was put and declared CARRIED.

RPC21-9              Laurie Nenson:  Cook Residence - 3160 Albert Street

RPC21-10              Ross Keith:  Cook Residence - 3160 Albert Street

RPC21-11              Jackie Schmidt, Heritage Regina:  3160 Albert Street - Cook Residence

RPC21-12              Heather Quale:  Cook Residence - 3160 Albert Street

RPC21-13              Colan McCrum: Cook Residence - 3160 Albert Street

RPC21-14              Mark Hanley: Cook Residence - 3160 Albert Street

RPC21-15              Rod McDonald:  Cook Residence - 3160 Albert Street

RPC21-16              Gerald L. Gerrand, Q.C.- Cook Residence - 3160 Albert Street

RPC21-17              Jeannie Mah, Architectural Heritage Society of Saskatchewan:  Cook Residence - 3160 Albert Street

RPC21-18              Wayne Goranson - Cook Residence - 3160 Albert Street

RPC21-19              Carmen Lien - Cook Residence - 3160 Albert Street

Kathleen Wilson moved, AND IT WAS RESOLVED, that Communications RPC21-9 through RPC21-19 be received and filed.


Adrienne Hagen Lyster moved, AND IT WAS RESOLVED, that the meeting adjourn.

The meeting adjourned at 12:17 p.m.







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