Call to Order
Roll Call
Administration Reports
PWI20-1 : Amendments to the Regina Traffic Bylaw, 1997, No.9900
a. Appendix A - Regina Traffic Bylaw Amendment Summary
b. Appendix B - 2019-01 Additional Roads
c. Appendix C - 2019-02 Campbell Street
d. Appendix D - 2019-03 Albert Street and Highway #1
e. Appendix E - 2019-04 Wascana Parkway (City Limit)
f. Appendix F - 2019-05 Broad Street and Wascana Parkway (Pedestrian Corridor)
g. Appendix G - 2019-08 Westerra Speed Reduction
h. Appendix H- 2019-09 Food Beverage Sidewalk Vending
i. Appendix I - 2019-10 U-Turn Fines for School Zones or Playground Zones Update
PWI20-2 : Waste Plan Regina - 2019 Update
a. Waste Plan Regina_2019 Update
PWI20-3 : Single-Use Plastics
a. A-1 Letter from MMSW
b. B-1 Resident Survey Report
c. B-2 Business Survey Report
d. C-1 Retail Council of Canada Letter
e. D-1 Municipal and Provincial Bag Bans in Canada
f. D-2 Municipal Bag Fee Bylaws in Canada
g. D-3 Municipal Restrictions on Other Single-Use Plastics in Canada