I. Approval of Public Agenda
II. Minutes of the meeting held on September 9, 2015.
III. Tabled Reports
1. EX15-20 - Multi-Year Budgeting(Tabled September 9, 2015)
IV. Administration Reports
1. EX15-22 - Servicing Agreement Fee (SAF) and Development Levy (DL) Policy Review and Final Phasing and Financing Project
Appendix A - Admin of SAF and DL Policy - final.pdf
Appendix B - Admin of SA & DL Agrments Policy.pdf
Appendix C - Phasing and Financing Plan.pdf
Appendix D - Stakeholder Feedback.pdf
Appendix E - Ipsos Summary Report.pdf
Appendix F - Transition to App Requirements.pdf
Appendix G - Phasing Option.pdf
2. EX15-23 - Regina Civic Employees’ Superannuation & Benefit Plan
Schedule A 2014 Actuarial Valuation .pdf
Schedule B Civic Contribution thresholds.pdf
Schedule C 1 Civic Pension and Benefits Committee Letter.pdf
Schedule C 2 RQHR Letter..pdf
Schedule C 3 Board of Education Letter.pdf
Schedule C 4 Regina Public Library Letter.pdf
Schedule C 5 Buffalo Pound Letter.pdf
Schedule C 6 EPCOR Letter .pdf
Schedule C 7 Mobius Letter.pdf
Schedule D 1 Sponsorship Agreement.pdf
Schedule D 2 Revised Pension Plan Text.pdf
schedule D 3 Funding Policy.pdf
Schedule D 4 Trust Agreement FINAL.pdf
Schedule D 5 Regina Participating Employers Agreement.pdf
Schedule D 6 Pension and Benefits Committee (Regina Civic Pension Plan) Terms of Reference.pdf
3. EX15-24 - Pacer Park Project - Procurement Authority
V. Communications
VI. Other Reports
VII. Resolution for Private Session