I. Approval of Public Agenda
II. Minutes of the meeting held on July 7, 2015
III. Administration Reports
1. FA15-25 Heritage Building Rehabilitation Program Application for Tax Exemption – Hill Residence Carriage House 2990 Albert Street"
2990 Albert Street (Hill Residence Carriage House) Incentives Rpt.doc
App A-1.pdf
App A-2.pdf
Appendix B.pdf
Appendix C.pdf
Appendix D.pdf
Appendix E.pdf
Appendix F.pdf
Appendix G.pdf
2. FA15-26 Regina Thunder Football Club Agreement for Sale
3. FA15-27 Mosaic Stadium Lease and Licence Agreement"
Mosaic Stadium Lease and Licence Agreement RPT.doc
IV. Communications
V. Other Reports
VI. Adjournment