I. Approval of Public Agenda
II. Minutes of the meeting held on June 2, 2015.
III. Administration Reports
1. FA15-21 2013 Boundary Alteration Implementation
Appendix 1 Council Report CR13 136.pdf
Appendix 2 Infrastructure & Services list.pdf
Appendix 3 Financials June 16.pdf
IV. Communications
V. Other Reports
1. FA15-22 2014 Civic Annual Report
2014 Civic Annual Rpt Memo To City Clerk.pdf
2014 Civic Annual Report- Civic.pdf
2. FA15-23 2014 LTD Annual Report
2014 LTD Ann. Rpt Memo to City Clerk.pdf
2014 LTD Annual Rpt.pdf
3. FA15-24 Casual Annual Report
2014 Casual Ann Rpt Memo to City Clerk.pdf
2014 Casual Annual Rpt.pdf
VI. Adjournment