I. Appointment of Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson
II. Approval of Public Agenda
III. Minutes of the meeting held on February 11, 2015
IV. Administration Reports
1. CPS15-2 North West Leisure Centre Spray Pad Donation
NWLC Spray Pad Donation rpt.doc
NWLC Spray Pad - Appendix A.pdf
NWLC Spray Pad - Appendix B.pdf
2. CPS15-3 Grow Regina Gazebo
Gazebo Report rpt.doc
Gazebo_Appendix A.pdf
Gazebo_Appendix B.pdf
Gazebo_Appendix C.pdf
3. CPS15-4 Transportation of Animals in Motor Vehicles
CPS15-4Transport of Animals Committee Report.doc
V. Adjournment