I. Approval of Public Agenda
II. Minutes of the meeting held on June 3, 2015.
III. Tabled Reports
IV. Administration Reports
1. RPC15-35  Application for Discretionary Use (15-DU-06) Proposed House-Form Commercial Office 2154 McIntyre Street"
15-DU-06 App A-1.pdf
15-DU-06 App A-2.pdf
15-DU-06 App A-3.1.pdf
2. RPC15-36  Application for Zoning Bylaw Amendment and Discretionary Use (15-Z-05/ 15-DU-02) Proposed Car Wash - 3426 Saskatchewan Drive"
Appendix A-1.pdf
Appendix A-2.pdf
Appendix A-3.1.pdf
Appendix A-3.2.pdf
Appendix A-3.3.pdf
Appendix B.doc
3. RPC15-37  Applications for Zoning Bylaw Amendment (15-Z-09) and Discretionary Use (15-DU-05) - Proposed Low-Rise Apartment Building -1431 15th Avenue"
15-Z-09 15-DU-05 App A-1.pdf
15-Z-09 15-DU-05 App A-2.pdf
15-Z-09 15-DU-05 App A-3.1.pdf
15-Z-09 15-DU-05 App A-3.2.pdf
15-Z-09 15-DU-05 App A-3.3.pdf
15-Z-09 15-DU-05 App A-3.4.pdf
15-Z-09 15-DU-05 App A-3.5.pdf
15-Z-09 15-DU-05 Appendix B.doc
4. RPC15-38  Application for Road Closure (15-CL-06) - 4th Avenue North adjacent to 155 & 207 Quebec Street"
15-CL-06 Appendix A-1.pdf
15-CL-06 Appendix A-2.pdf
15-CL-06 Appendix A-3.pdf
V. Communications
VI. Other Reports
VII. Adjournment