I. Approval of Public Agenda
0122 adjustment memo.doc
II. Minutes of the meeting held on December 11, 2012.
III. Communication
1. PW13-1 Gord Cowie: Snow Removal of the Street Immediately Adjacent to Bus Stops
Cowie Communication.pdf
IV. Administration Reports
1. PW13-2  2013 Local Improvement Program and Amendments to 2012 Local Improvement Program Pricing for Alley Lighting
PW13-2 Report
Appendix A
2. PW13-3  Discontinuation of Commercial Solid Waste Collection
PW13-3 Report
Appendix A
3. PW13-4  Traffic Bylaw #9900 Amendment
PW13-4 Report
Appendix A
4. PW13-5  Dave Abbey - Safety of School Bus Operations
Dave Abbey Communication.pdf
5. PW13-6  Traffic Bylaw Review – School Bus Safety Light and Stop Sign Arm 
PW13-6 Report
V. Communications
VI. Other Reports
VII. Adjournment