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Backyard Hen (BYH) Pilot Project


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WHEREAS food security, including increasing opportunities for urban agriculture, was identified as one of the six priorities of the Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan; and


WHEREAS approximately 40 Canadian municipalities, including Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria have successful backyard hen (BYH) bylaws, with few- to-no complaints, issues, or expenses, which the City can look to for best practices; and


WHEREAS residents have been asking for a backyard hen (BYH) bylaw for many years and will continue to do so, as evidenced by a recent petition supporting a BYH bylaw in Regina that has over 650 signatures; and


WHEREAS a pilot project would enable the City to gather data on what a BYH bylaw would entail and how it would be received by residents; and


WHEREAS a BYH bylaw would regulate the condition of care of backyard hens and ensure proper health and safety measures of both hens and citizens keeping hens; and


WHEREAS Queen City Chickens and other municipalities’ BYH groups are willing to work with the City to develop and implement this project; and


WHEREAS Queen City Chickens has developed resources including a list of nearby farms that would accept unwanted hens and a list of nearby veterinary clinics that treat chickens; and


WHEREAS food prices continue to rise and the University of Regina’s Community Research Unit has thoroughly studied the policy implications for urban farming in Regina, including BYH keeping, concluding that BYH keeping would bring many benefits to the City; and


WHEREAS Edmonton’s River City Chickens offers a wealth of resources including an online “Chickens 101” course on hen care used by many Canadian cities to educate their BYH keepers, which Regina could require residents to complete prior to their involvement in a pilot project, and could provide consultation to bylaw offices implementing new BYH bylaws.




1.      That the City of Regina work with interested stakeholders to draft a bylaw permitting a two-year backyard hen pilot project commencing summer 2024, in which at least three and no more than six hens (no roosters) will be permitted at twenty locations across the City (prioritizing distribution of two per ward). Residents involved in the pilot will incur all expenses for keeping hens.


2.      That upon completion of the two-year pilot project, the City Administration will conduct an evaluation of the pilot and bring a report to Council with recommendations.


The above motion to be considered by City Council at its meeting scheduled to be held January 31, 2024.



Respectfully submitted,


Shanon Zachidniak

Councillor – Ward 8