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Municipal Revenue Sharing (MRS) Eligibility Criteria


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The Government of Saskatchewan Ministry of Government Relations completed a review of the MRS Program in 2018-2019. One of the main objectives of the review was to provide recommendations on how MRS grants can be used to encourage effective local governance. To support this objective, the Ministry of Government Relations implemented annual eligibility requirements for municipalities to receive their MRS grants. A Council resolution or Declaration of Eligibility is required to demonstrate that the municipality has fully complied with the outlined conditions for receiving MRS.


Administration confirms that all the conditions noted in the resolution have been complied with.




Financial Impact

Municipalities are being asked to complete a Declaration of Eligibility. If a declaration is not made or the eligibility requirements are not met, MRS grants may be withheld by the Province.


Policy/Strategic Impact

Completing the Declaration of Eligibility aligns with the City’s Operational Excellence Strategic Priority and achieving long-term financial sustainability.


Labour Impact

None related to this report.


Environmental Impact

None related to this report.




For Saskatchewan municipalities to receive MRS funding in 2023 and beyond, a Declaration of Eligibility approved by Council must be submitted by January 15 of any given year.




A communications strategy is not required for this report.



A Council resolution must be approved and submitted to the Ministry of Government Relations by January 15 of any given year, confirming the following:


1.      Submission of the annual Audited Financial Statement to the Ministry of Government Relations.

2.      Submission of the Public Report on Municipal Waterworks to the Ministry of Government Relations.

3.      Is in good standing with respect to the reporting and remittance of Education Property Tax.

4.      Adoption of a Council Procedures Bylaw.

5.      Adoption of an Employee Code of Conduct.

6.      All members of Council have filed and annually updated their Public Disclosure

Statement Annual Declaration, as required.


By submitting the resolution, City Administration certifies that all information disclosed is truthful and honest. It is also understood that eligibility requirements are subject to an audit as determined by the Government of Saskatchewan. If it is determined through the audit that any of the eligibility requirements have not been met, the MRS grant may be immediately withheld until all requirements are met. City Administration has complied with all requirements set out by the Ministry of Government Relations.




The City has provided this Declaration of Eligibility annually since 2020, when it became a requirement.



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Prepared by: Breanne Howden, Senior Financial Reporting & Policy Advisor