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WHEREAS meetings of City Council and Executive Committee have over the past months routinely lasted 8 to 9 hours, often being adjourned at that point without the full meeting agenda being accomplished;


WHEREAS a Consent Agenda is an agenda in which routine or non-controversial items are adopted without debate upon approval of the meeting agenda;


WHEREAS under the consent agenda model, any member of committee or council can request that any item of business on the consent agenda be removed from the consent agenda and placed on the regular agenda for full debate, such request being automatically accepted without debate; and


WHEREAS multiple Canadian municipalities, including Saskatoon, have adopted Consent Agendas for successfully expediting council and committee business thus permitting greater time for items requiring debate;




1.      Adopt the Consent Agenda format to govern all its council and committee meetings;


2.      Adopt the consent agenda model used by the City of Saskatoon to conduct its municipal business; and


3.      Direct the City Solicitor to prepare the necessary bylaw to amend The Procedure Bylaw, Bylaw No.9004 to include provisions for a consent agenda that models the City of Saskatoon’s consent agenda procedures outlined in their bylaw being The Procedures and Committees Bylaw, 2014, Bylaw No. 9170, to be brought forward to the meeting of City Council following approval of the recommendations by Council and to allow sufficient time for advertising the required public notice for the bylaw.


Respectfully submitted,


Bob Hawkins

Councillor – Ward 2