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Reconsideration Motion - Eastern Water Pressure Solution Project - 2nd Storage Reservoir


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WHEREAS on June 7, 2023, during the consideration of CM23-21 - Eastern Pressure Solution Funding (EPS Project), City Council adopted the City Administration’s recommendation to construct only one storage reservoir, rather than two, at the present time;


WHEREAS City Administration advised Council that proceeding with construction of only one reservoir, rather than two, would save approximately $25 million in current construction costs;


WHEREAS earlier City Administration had designed the EPS Project with two reservoirs, and issued a Request For Proposals to that effect, in order to meet anticipated demand for water storage and pressure needs based on expected growth projections;


WHEREAS Administration advised Council that delaying the construction of the second reservoir for approximately 12 years would substantially increase the cost of constructing the second reservoir owing to inflationary and other pressures;


WHEREAS on June 7, 2023, Council adopted a resolution during the consideration of item CM23-21, directing Administration to report back to Council with various financial options and implications to fund the Pressure Solution Project; and


WHEREAS once the further information to be provided by Administration to Council has been received, it would be desirable for Council to reconsider its decision to only construct one rather than two reservoirs at the present time;


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that City Council at its July 12, 2023 meeting:


1.      Reconsider its decision of June 7, 2023 to not approve the inclusion of a 2nd tank as outlined in Option1 of report CM23-21 Eastern Pressure Solution Funding; and


2.      Reverse the previous decision and approve the inclusion of a 2nd tank (reservoir) and associated funding in relation to the Eastern Pressure Solution Funding Project, in conjunction with Administration’s report on the various financial options and implications to fund the Pressure Solution Project.


Respectfully submitted,




Bob Hawkins

Councillor – Ward 2

Lori Bresciani

Councillor – Ward 4