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CC Committee Report

Heritage Grants and Tax Exemptions 2023


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Report Body

At the June 14, 2023, meeting of Executive Committee, the Committee considered the attached EX23-56 report from the City Planning & Community Development Division.


The following addressed the Committee:


·         Leanne Bachelu, Christine Rybchuk, and Brian Rybchuk, representing St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Parish, Regina, SK

·         Jared Bugyi, representing Queen City Cakes, Regina, SK


The Committee adopted a resolution to concur in the recommendation contained in the report, with an amendment that the following adjustments be made to Table 1 - Heritage Incentives requested for 2023:


1.              Add the following heritage incentive requested for 2023:



Historic Name

Heritage Status

Type of Incentives

Total Eligible Cost

Total Funding

2310 McIntyre Street

Turgeon International Hostel


Tax Exemption




2.              Amend the final cost and funding totals to read as follows:

a.              Total Eligible Cost for all properties - $1,823,866.20; and

b.              Total Funding for all properties - $696,320.85.


Recommendation #5 in the attached report does not require City Council approval.


Respectfully submitted,