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Appointment to the Accessibility Advisory Committee


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To facilitate the appointment of a citizen representative to the Accessibility Advisory Committee (ACC) for a term specified in the report.




Policy Impacts


In accordance with City Councils policy statement to Strengthening Eligibility and Diversity Requirements for board and committee representation:


City Council values and seeks to further enhance the inclusive nature of Regina through living the values of respect and trust, celebrating the strength that comes from diversity and inviting participation from all in decision making. Nominees will have been recruited through an inclusive, transparent and equitable process and appointments made by City Council will reflect these objectives.


Representative citizen members provide a varied and valued perspective, reflecting and honouring the diversity of our community and bring experience, skills and expertise that contribute to good governance and informed decision making.


The appointment of citizen members to the Accessibility Advisory Committee highlights the policy statement to strengthen eligibility and diversity representation on all Boards, Commissions and Committees.


There are no accessibility, environmental, financial, legal/risk or other impacts.




Option 1: Appoint an individual to fill the vacant position on the Accessibility Advisory Committee.


Option 2: Refer this matter back to the City Clerk to advertise and bring forward a report to a future meeting.


Risk: The longer vacancies exist on the Committee, there is the potential for tie votes to take place while the Committee meets to consider matters on the meeting agendas.




After City Council has finalized the appointment, all applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome of their applications.




City Council is required to approve the nominations of individuals to seats on the ACC. The following information is provided on activities that have been carried out in preparation for the appointments:


The Office of the City Clerk received notice from Jaydean Wszolek on January 9, 2023 tendering their resignation from the Accessibility Advisory Committee.


City Council is required to confirm the nomination of individuals to the ACC. Individuals nominated may not be Elected Officials or employed by any level of government.



On August 26, 2019, City Council considered Strengthening Eligibility and Diversity report (CM19-12) and approved the Strengthening Eligibility and Diversity Policy.






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