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Action on Homelessness, Poverty, and Community Wellbeing


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WHEREAS Camp Hope has demonstrated the state of poverty, inequality, addictions, homelessness, and housing insecurity in Regina;


WHEREAS the number of overdoses and deaths caused by opioids in Regina are increasing significantly;


WHEREAS the Official Community Plan recognizes that “Health and safety are key elements in ensuring that Regina remains a city of choice in which to live, work, and raise a family”;


WHEREAS the City of Regina has worked with community organizations and the province to draft a Plan to End Homelessness;


WHEREAS changes to various income support programs and inadequate income support rates are contributing to poverty, housing insecurity and homelessness in Regina and across Saskatchewan;


WHEREAS the City of Regina is working to draft a Community Wellness and Public Safety Strategy;


WHEREAS all levels of government must collaborate to address the needs of residents and the plight of the most marginalized in our community; and


WHEREAS community organizations shoulder a disproportionate responsibility in dealing with poverty, inequality and housing insecurity in Regina;


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that City Council call on the Province of Saskatchewan to:

1.     Review all income support programs, income support delivery models, and income support rates with the aim of eliminating poverty in Saskatchewan;


2.     Consider the implications of implementing a basic income program;


3.     Fund in full Regina’s Plan to End Homelessness;


4.     Increase funding for para-transit and conventional transit services that provide assistance to lower income residents;


5.     Work with the City and community organizations to develop culturally appropriate housing options, addiction supports, and other anti-poverty initiatives;


6.     Collaborate with the City to advance and finance the Community Wellbeing and Public Safety Strategy;


7.     Provide full funding for the RTSIS and City of Regina-managed housing and anti-poverty facility and programs that emerged from Camp Hope until such time as those services are no longer required in Regina.


Respectfully submitted,



Andrew Stevens

Councillor – Ward 3



    Cheryl Stadnichuk

    Councillor Ward 1