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State of Urban Forest


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  2. OCS21-34 - State of Urban Forest

Report Body

At the November 17, 2021 meeting of the Operations and Community Services Committee, the Committee considered the attached report from the City Planning & Community Development Division.


The Committee adopted the following resolution:


That City Council:


1.      Consider increasing the Tree Replacement budget from $91,000 per annum to $125,000 per annum through the 2022 budget process, with a further increase of $25,000 per year for the next 5 years.


2.      Approve the tree donation program which allows residents to plant trees on public lands on application to the City, as further described in this report.


3.      Declare the first Wednesday of June each year, beginning June 1, 2022 as Arbor Day Regina and donate 1000 tree seedlings to Regina residents.


4.      Instruct the City Solicitor to prepare the following amendments to bylaw 2002-48, The Forestry Bylaw, as further described in this report, to be brought forward to a meeting of City Council following approval of the recommendations in this report:


a.      authorize the Director to permit residents to plant public trees as part of the tree donation program;

b.      make housekeeping amendments related to outdated position titles; and

c.      increase the minimum removal fee for requests to remove established trees to $500 per tree.


5.      Direct Administration to consult with Regina Homebuilders Association on options to increase trees and/or shrubbery for residential homes and parks, and return with a report to the Operations and Community Services Committee in Q4 of 2022. 


6.      Approve these recommendations at its meeting on November 24, 2021.


Recommendation #6 does not require City Council approval.


Respectfully submitted,