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The applicant, Terra Developments Inc., acting on behalf of the current owner, the City of Regina, proposes to amend the Towns Concept Plan by reconfiguring the land uses within an area of approximately 25 hectares as shown in Appendix A-1.


The proposed changes as shown on the attached Appendix A-2 and A-3 include removal of some of the rear lanes to accommodate more front yard access attached homes accompanied by realignment of the local road network for better efficiency. Furthermore, it proposes the removal of 1.5 hectares of open space from the plan area to be deferred to the future phase to the north of the plan area.


A property owner/developer can submit applications to amend the concept plan. This requires adoption of the amended concept plan by resolution of City Council. The process requires review by the Regina Planning Commission (RPC) and approval of the amendment by City Council. These applications include a public and technical review process in advance of consideration by RPC and Council.


These applications are being considered pursuant to The Planning and Development Act, 2007 (Act); Design Regina: The Official Community Plan Bylaw 2013-48 (OCP). The proposal has been assessed and is deemed to comply with the Act, and OCP




Financial Impact

The applicant will be responsible for the cost of any additions or changes to existing infrastructure that may be required to directly or indirectly support the development in accordance with City standards and applicable legal requirements.


Environmental Impact

City Council set a community goal for the City of Regina of achieving net zero emissions and sourcing of net zero renewable energy by 2050. In support of this goal, City Council asked Administration to provide energy and greenhouse gas implications of recommendations so that Council can evaluate the climate impacts of its decisions. The recommendations in this report have limited direct impacts on energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The overall density of the Towns neighborhood complies with the OCP, the overall intent of which accounts for environmentally sustainable urban growth.


Policy / Strategic Impacts

The proposed development supports the following goals, policies and objectives of Part A of the OCP:


·         Section C: Goal 4 New Neighbourhoods and Employment Areas

o        2.11.2 Achieve a minimum gross population density of 50 persons per hectare (pph).


·         Section D5: Goal 1: Open Space and Recreation Principles; Maintain, enhance and extend an interconnected and accessible open space system.

o        Policy 9.3: Co-locate or cluster parks and open space, where possible, with ACTIVITY CENTRES or other community resources.


·         Section D5: Goal 2: Access to Recreation Programs and Services; Ensure access to a variety of recreation programs and services in all neighbourhoods.

o        Policy 9.6.1: Multifunctional parks and open space will be strategically located to provide convenient access and designed to accommodate diverse and changing needs and interests.


·         Appendix A: Guidelines for Complete Neighbourhoods.

o        Policy 7.1.8:  A distinctive character, identity and sense of place.

§         Avoid walls that segregate and visually block neighbourhoods from adjacent streets and neighbourhoods.

o        Policy 7.1.9: Buildings which are designed and located to enhance the public realm, and which contribute to a better neighbourhood experience.

§         Avoid direct frontage onto arterial streets, except where they function as well-designed, landscaped, multi-modal streets.

o        Policy 7.1.10: Convenient access to areas of employment.

§         Ensure that street and block patterns allow for a changing and adaptable urban environment.


The proposal also supports the following policies of OCP Part B. 16 - Southeast Regina Neighbourhood Plan (SENP):


·         4.2(b) Neighbourhood Areas shall consist of predominantly residential uses with limited and compatible non-residential uses.

·         5.3(d) The City of Regina may defer Municipal Reserve requirements from other lands within the plan area at the time of subdivision in order to support land acquisition requirements necessary for the Zone Park.

·         5.3(e) Municipal reserve dedication requirements, deferral and/or land acquisition necessary to support the land assembly for the Zone Park shall be in accordance with the Planning & Development Act, 2007.


The proposal also conforms to the City’s Recreation Master Plan, with regard to supporting the Base Level of Service Statement, that Every resident will have reasonable access to publicly supported recreation opportunities..


The proposed concept plan amendment will see an approximately 3.04 per cent increase in density, from 52.38 to 55.43 within the Towns Concept Plan area which complies with the OCP policy. The Towns neighbourhood will continue to provide a diverse range of amenities and housing types for current and future residents. Furthermore, the subject area is served by a park with multiple amenities and is within 800 meters or 10-minute walking distance from any proposed residential area as required by the City’s Recreation Master Plan.




Alternative options would be:


1.      Approve the application with specific amendments to the plan.


2.      Refer the application back to Administration. If City Council has specific concerns with the proposal, it may refer the application back to Administration to address or make additional recommendations and direct that the report be reconsidered by Regina Planning Commission or brought directly back to Council following such further review. Referral of the report back to Administration will delay approval of the development until the requested information has been gathered or changes to the proposal have been made.


3.      Deny the application. This application to amend the concept plan along with two separate rezoning applications of the subject land under review within this council agenda will not proceed on the subject property if City Council rejects the application.





The applicant and other interested parties will receive a copy of the report and notification of their right to appear as a delegation at the Council meeting when the application will be considered. Public notice of Council’s intention to consider the passing of a resolution to amend the subject concept plan will be given in accordance with The Public Notice Policy Bylaw, 2020. The applicant will receive written notification of the City Council’s decision.




The applicant, Terra Development Inc, on behalf of City of Regina, proposes to amend the Towns Concept Plan, which would reconfigure land uses within a 25 hectare area to low, medium and high density residential. The proposed changes are shown on Appendix A-2 and




The following changes are proposed to the Towns Concept Plan:

1.      Removal of some of the rear lanes to accommodate front yard access residential development.

2.      Deferral of 1.5 hectares of Municipal Reserve (Park) to the future phase to the north.

3.      Realignment of the road network for overall efficiency.

4.      An overall projected increase in the population of 400 from the previously approved plan.


Most of the plan area is zoned UH - Urban Holding Zone with one parcel zoned as R1 - Residential Detached Zone. Subsequent rezoning and subdivision applications have been submitted, which will be reviewed separately and subject to approval of this concept plan amendment.


The surrounding uses are residential development to the south and east, Woodland Grove Drive to the west and Keller Ave & undeveloped land to the north.


Change in land use designation

The Applicant is proposing changes to the land use within the Towns Concept Plan by reconfiguring the low, medium and high-density residential land uses. Most of the proposed changes occur within the area where the park is being removed from the plan. There are no significant changes to the land use along the section of the plan backing on Woodland Grove Drive as it would remain as low density, high density residential and commercial land use.


Additionally, the applicant is proposing to redesignate a low-density residential area to high density residential area located on Buckingham Drive, which is a collector road and is adjacent to a neighbourhood commercial area. This is supported by general land use planning practice to locate higher density residential areas close to major roads, commercial development or within a walking distance to a transit stop.


Municipal Reserve (Park)

The applicant is proposing the removal of 1.5 hectares of park from the plan area, as shown in the Appendix A-3. The required park space will be reallocated to a zone level park in the future development phase immediately north. The zone level park is supported by the SENP which identifies the location of the zone level park approximately 500 meters north of Arens Road. This exact location of the zone level park would be confirmed through a concept plan approval of the future neighbourhood, which is identified as a longer-term growth area as phase 3.


The City’s open space requirements are still being met even with the proposed changes. The area will be served by parks immediately to the south and east of the proposed amendment area. The City’s Recreation Master Plan requires that a base level of 85 per cent of residents have access within 800 metres of a recreation amenity. The furthest point of the plan area is approximately 575 metres distance from the nearest recreation amenity, which is within the City’s base level standard. The surrounding amenities consist of athletic fields, playgrounds with accessible elements, passive park space, a picnic area, an outdoor skating area and pathways.


From a planning and operational perspective, the reallocation of the park space to the future phase and clustering the dedications as a larger zone level park to the north will allow for a more efficient open space plan. The operational cost of maintaining a larger park may be reduced as compared to the maintaining dispersed parks. The community’s need for open space and recreational amenities are met as outlined in the Recreation Master Plan.


Section 186 of the Act requires that ten per cent of the residential subdivision area be dedicated as Municipal Reserve or an equivalent of money in lieu of municipal reserve or a combination of both. Although the proposed open space will be reduced, it will be added and deferred to a later phase of open space.


Traffic Impact

As a result of adding more residential land uses with front vehicle access, lanes have been removed, and the street network has been realigned for better efficiency. A Traffic Impact Assessment was reviewed by Administration and no adverse impact is anticipated with the proposed changes.


Community Engagement

Neighbouring property owners within 75 metres of the proposed development received written notice of the application, and a sign was posted on the subject site. A summary of public comments is outlined in Appendix B of this report. Arcola East Community Association (AECA) was included in the circulation of the application. Following circulation, Administration attempted follow-up contact with the AECA; however, we did not receive a response prior to the deadline for submission of this report.




1.      On April 25, 2016, City Council approved The Towns Concept Plan (CR16-36).


2.      On April 29, 2019, City Council approved an amendment to The Towns Concept Plan by changing part of the High-Density Residential area to Commercial and Low-Density Residential Area (CR19-33).



3.      On March 10, 2021, City Council approved an amendment to The Towns Concept Plan by changing part of the Flex Use and High-Density Residential area to Low and Medium Density Residential Area (CR21-37).


4.      On May 12, 2021, City Council approved an amendment to The Towns Concept Plan by changing the designation of a portion of the area south of the subject property from Medium Density Residential to Low-Density residential Area (CR21-85).



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