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Donation of Park Assets for Lakeview Park


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The Lakeview Community Association (LCA) is continuing to implement the concept design for Lakeview Park, developed in consultation with the City of Regina (City) and the community (see Appendix A). Phases I and 2 of the plan involved planting of trees and the installation of a play structure and was completed in 2020. The next phase of development includes establishment of a pump track, walking path and associated landscaping. Council approval is required to accept this asset donation, as it exceeds $100,000.



Policy Impacts

The Official Community Plan – Design Regina

This project aligns with Design Regina: The Official Community Plan Bylaw No 2013-48. The project clusters several new recreation amenities in Lakeview Park creating an opportunity for residents to meet and socialize while participating in active and passive recreation opportunities.


The Recreation Master Plan

The Recreation Master Plan supports the City working in partnership with community organizations to provide residents with additional recreation opportunities. In this case, the Lakeview Community Association is providing a unique recreation opportunity that was established by the community through a public engagement process.


Financial Impacts

Administration has reviewed the plan and has determined there are no significant operational cost increases. Any operational costs can be absorbed in existing maintenance budgets. Administration will incorporate assets into the Parks Asset Management Plan. Administration estimates the asphalt pump track will need to be recapped approximately every eight years, at an estimated cost of $6,000.


Accessibility Impacts

Currently, Lakeview Park has no walking paths. This project will see the installation of packed crusher dust pathways, which will improve accessibility in the park.


Administration will also work with the LCA to determine if there are ways to develop the beginner pump track to allow for accessible slopes within the space available.




Council has the option of not accepting the donation from the LCA, due to the fact there are long term capital maintenance costs associated with the infrastructure. However, the proposed project is aligned with the Recreation Master Plan, which addresses the role of partnerships in the provision of recreation opportunities. The cost to the City in the long term is minimal relative to the benefits of a unique recreation amenity that is targeted at youth.


Administration has seen an increase in interest from the community to provide opportunities for biking, such as mountain bike and fat bike trails. A pump track provides another opportunity for those that cycle for recreation purposes. Pump tracks can also be used by skate boarders and those that use scooters and roller blades. Administration will work with the LCA to determine if there are ways to develop the beginner pump track to allow for accessible slopes within the space.



Communication for this project was done in collaboration with the LCA. The project started with project team meetings, and then in December of 2017, the LCA distributed a survey to households in their neighbourhood to gather feedback on features they would like to see added to the park. There were 180 responses received and when asked to rank the features that were priorities for them the results were as follows:


1.      Playground Upgrade, which was completed in 2020

2.      Pump Track, which is addressed within this report, along with the walking trails and landscaping

3.      Walking trails

4.      Naturalized, interior planting, site furniture

5.      Outdoor boarded rink upgrade

6.      Raised planters and fruit trees


Administration then met with the LCA to discuss further requirements for feedback from the community, options for phasing the project, and to develop an estimate of costs for the project. Once the LCA agreed with the concept design, which incorporates all of the features listed above, it was shared with the community for further feedback before finalizing the plans. Administration will continue to work with LCA to communicate plans regarding the next phase of the project, which is the subject of this report.




In 2017, the LCA approached the City wanting to fundraise to make improvements to Lakeview Park. As a starting place, Administration suggested developing a concept design for the park that they could implement using a phased approach. LCA agreed to this approach and worked with Administration to engage the community to seek feedback on what amenities would be desired to renew Lakeview Park. 


Administration reviewed the information and developed a concept design for a renewed Lakeview Park. Elements considered for the park include: 

·         Street trees;

·         A new playground to replace the aging existing playground; 

·         A pump track;

·         Crusher dust walking paths; 

·         Site furnishings and landscaping

·         Existing outdoor rink; and

·         Existing ball diamond. 


LCA approved the concept design plan in 2019 and began implementing the projects in phases. Phase one consisted of street trees installed in 2019. Phase two consisted of a new playground in 2020.


LCA now plans to move forward with the installation of the asphalt pump track, which is an asphalt track made up of hills and banked turns, designed to be ridden by having riders “pump” to create momentum up and down the hills, instead of through pedaling or pushing. In addition to the pump track they also plan to install crusher dust pathways and associated landscaping. This phase of the project at completion will represent an investment of over $100,000 in this park by the local community. 


To move forward with this project and in accordance with The Regina Administration Bylaw No. 2003-69, Administration is seeking approval to accept the donation of these assets into the City’s asset inventory.




The Regina Administration Bylaw No. 2003-69

In accordance with The Regina Administration Bylaw No. 2003-69 clause 35. (c) ii,

the City Manager, and Executive Director, Financial Strategy and Sustainability are authorized to approve and enter into Revenue Agreements, provided:


(a) the term of the agreement or contract does not exceed five (5) years;

(b) where applicable, the agreement includes clauses with respect to policies established by Council in relation to advertising content, the use of environmentally sensitive products or other matters; and

(c) the value of the agreement:

i. on an annual basis is $100,000 or less; or

ii. is greater than $100,000 and the agreement is awarded pursuant to a competitive process to the compliant bidder whose bid meets the specifications and provides the greatest revenue to the City. (#2018-54, s5, 2018, #2019-13, s. 7, 2019)


This project is being constructed by contractors hired by the LCA with project management support from the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department. For this reason, a competitive City procurement process will not be used. Council must approve the acceptance of the assets as a revenue donation to the City since the cost of the project is over $100,000.


Donation Policy

In accordance with the Donation Policy (May 2016), clause 4. Roles & Responsibilities, 5.1

City Council - Approves donations valued in excess of $100,000 and donations requiring endorsement of any kind.



Respectfully submitted,              Respectfully submitted,



Prepared by: Janine Daradich, Manager Planning and Partnerships