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2021 Pest Control Officers Appointments


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The Pest Control Act (the Act) requires that all property owners must take measures to destroy, control and prevent provincially declared pests on their land. The Act then requires municipalities through their Councils to appoint Pest Control Officers and report those appointments to the Government of Saskatchewan (Province) annually. Once appointed, the Pest Control Officers are then responsible for ensuring that declared pests do not become established within Regina city limits on both public and private properties. 


This report recommends appointing the individuals named as Pest Control Officers for 2021.


Name              Position

Russell Eirich              Senior Program Manager, Forestry Horticulture & Pest Control

Ryan Johnston              Supervisor, Pest Management

Corey Doka              Pest Control Officer

Ashley Thompson              Entomology Research Analyst





There are no financial impacts with respect to this report.  The individuals appointed are already employed with the assigned duties within the administration.


Policy and/or Strategic

Appointing Pest Control Officers by bylaw instead of resolution increases transparency, making appointments more readily accessible.



The Pest Control Act lists regulated pests that affect human health. The pests that are of most significant concern in Regina are the Norway Rat and Richardson Ground Squirrel (the gopher). There may be a view that these rodents are an epidemic problem because of annual Pest Control Officer appointments, but this is not the case. Routine rodent inspections for demolition permits indicate that Norway Rat populations are minimal in Regina. Seasonal weather variations cause fluctuations in gopher populations. 


There are no Environmental Impacts associated with this report.




None with respect to this report.  



Section 14 of The Pest Control Act requires the City Clerk to notify the Minister of Agriculture of Council’s appointment of Pest Control Officers within 14 days of the appointment. The City will advise the Rural Municipality of Sherwood of the appointments.




The Appointment and Authorization of City Officials Bylaw, 2009, Bylaw No. 2009-71 was enacted in 2009 so that the City’s various delegations under provincial legislation could be more easily located. In most cases, authority is delegated by position title; but in some cases, like that of Pest Control Officers, provincial legislation requires these appointments to be made by individual and on an annual basis. To find efficiencies, the City approached the Province in August of 2020, asking that the Act be amended to allow administration to assign these responsibilities by position. The Province has not responded to this request. Therefore, Council must continue to appoint annually.




The recommendations contained within this report require City Council approval on an annual basis as per provincial regulation in The Pest Control Act.


Respectfully submitted,              Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Shalley, Director, Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services

Diana Hawryluk, Executive Director, City Planning & Community Development



Prepared by: Russell Eirich, Senior Program Manager Forestry, Horticulture & Pest Control