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Land Development Master Plan Consulting Services over $750,000


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The Land Development Master Plan (LDMP) will be a master plan for the City of Regina (City)’s developable land assets. The LDMP and the work required to develop it is critical in determining future land development plans and direction related to developable lands held by the City.


Administration is planning to issue and award a Request for Proposals (RFP) for consulting and professional services for the LDMP. City Council approval is required by The Regina Administration Bylaw No. 2003-69, Schedule D, Section 7 to issue and award the RFP, as the consultant’s fees are expected to exceed $750,000.




Financial Impact

As part of the 2021 Budget, Council approved the transfer of $1,036,000 from the previously approved Parliament/Queen Lot Servicing project to the Land Development Reserve ensuring these funds were available to fund the development of the LDMP. Due to market conditions and other City priorities, the development of Parliament/Queen has not advanced at the pace originally planned.


The capital budget of $1,036,000 for the LDMP was split with $517,500 budgeted in each of 2021 and 2022.  The amount required for 2021 is $517,500 and was approved as part of the Capital Budget for 2021, with the remaining $517,500 included in 2022 as part of the five year capital plan presented in the 2021 Budget.


Policy/Strategic Impact

The City’s LDMP will include an approach to each of the Citys major land assets. Under Design Regina: The Official Community Plan, the lands are contemplated to be transformed into residential, commercial, or mixed-use land development.


The LDMP is a foundational document that will guide future decisions with respect to the development of the City’s land assets, regardless of whether development continues to be undertaken by City Administration, through a municipal land development corporation should Council decide to pursue this governance structure at a future point in time, or through some other approach to land development. In addition to beginning work on a LDMP, Administration intends to bring a report to Council this year for Council’s consideration regarding the City’s role in land development, and potential changes Council may wish to consider regarding the City’s land development activities and related governance structure that oversees those activities.  


There are no environmental, risk/legal or other implications or considerations.




Not proceed with the development of a LDMP.


Deferring development of the LDMP delays the planning and development of City’s land assets not currently under development, or potentially risks the City making land development decisions without good information to inform those decisions. Development of a LDMP is critical in determining future plans and direction related to the developable lands held by the City. Specifically, what are the estimated challenges and investment required to develop the lands, potential return on investment, sequencing, or potential timing of when the lands should be developed, and whether the City should develop the lands or pursue some other course of action to maximize its return on investment.




Nothing pertaining to this report.




Currently, the City is the owner of a number of land assets estimated at 566 acres of developable land. Under Design Regina: The Official Community Plan (OCP), the lands are contemplated to be transformed into residential, commercial, industrial or mixed-use land developments. The LDMP would be transformational work indicating the investment required of the City and the potential for a return or loss on the land investments.


The LDMP would include a high-level financial plan and technical assessments of each land asset. Work required to develop a LDMP includes undertaking technical evaluation of the lands in question including assessing requirements to service the land, geotechnical assessments, and environmental assessments, all of which assist in determining what investment would likely be required to develop the land. The LDMP would also assess potential land use which assists in the determination of projected revenues. This information is used to develop high level financial plans to project potential return on investments from developing the lands, residual land values, and potential approaches on how and when the lands should be developed. The LDMP’s strategy will include a development approach to each of the City’s major land assets.




On March 24, 2021 City Council considered item CM21-3 and approved a transfer of $1,036,000 from funding allocated to Parliament/Queen Lot Servicing to the Land Development Reserve to fund the Land Development Master Plan.


The recommendations contained within this report require City Council approval.


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