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Collaborations and Partnerships: The Role of the Board of Police Commissioners


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At the March 30, 2021 private meeting of the Board of Police Commissioners, the Board considered the attached report P21-12 from the Chief of Police.


The Board adopted a resolution that an edited version of this report be forwarded to a future public meeting of Executive Committee of City Council confirming the Chief’s recommendation.


This is within the delegated authority of the Executive Committee, in accordance with section 7 of Bylaw No. 8261 A Bylaw of The City of Regina to Continue the Board of Police Commissioners for The City of Regina states The Council, or Executive Committee of Council, shall request the Board to meet with it at least once each year to discuss annual budgetary preparation and such other matters as the Board and Council may deem necessary or desirable for the provision of policing services in the City of Regina.



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