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2022 Saskatchewan Winter Games


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The Saskatchewan Games Council is hosting the 2022 Saskatchewan Winter Games in Regina. 2022 represents the 50th anniversary of the Saskatchewan Games. Regina was selected for this milestone anniversary as the Games Council intends to raise the profile of the event throughout the province by hosting the Games in the provincial capital. The City has been approached with a request to provide free access to City-owned facilities used during the Games.


The purpose of this report is to recommend the provision of access to City-owned facilities valued up to $50,000 to 2022 Saskatchewan Winter Games Regina Inc., the Host Organization for the 2022 Saskatchewan Winter Games. In addition, a grant to the Games of $50,000 consisting of a mix of cash and City-provided services was approved in 2020, in accordance with the Events, Conventions and Tradeshows Policy. If the recommendation is approved, then the total City contribution to the Games will be up to $100,000.




Financial Implications

The proposed City contribution, per this report, in support of hosting of the 2022 Saskatchewan Winter Games (the Games) in Regina is access to City-owned venues used during the Games by the Host Organization, valued up to $50,000, which includes:

a)   the waiver of any facility rental fee for City-owned and operated facilities. Rental fees for City owned and operated facilities are set through the Community Services Fees Bylaw. Consequently, Administration does not have the delegated authority to waive these rental fees rather, City Council approval is required to provide this support,

b)   the payment by the City, on the Games behalf, of facility rental fees incurred by the Games at City-owned but Regina Exhibition Association Limited (REAL) operated facilities.


In addition, the City Manager has approved a grant to the Games of $50,000 consisting of a mix of cash and City-provided services. The final mix of cash and services will be specified in the contribution agreement to be negotiated with 2022 Saskatchewan Winter Games Regina Inc. This grant has been approved by the City Manager under the City’s Events, Conventions & Tradeshows Policy


The recommended funding source for the above noted financial support is the annual Events, Conventions and Tradeshows attraction budget.


Strategic Implications

Providing financial support to this event:

·         supports the City’s Official Community Plan and is aligned with its Community Priority to embrace built heritage and invest in arts, culture, sport and recreation;

·         supports outcome number five of the Recreation Master Plan where citizens are proud of their community, its facilities and spaces, the events and opportunities it offers, and its level of volunteerism; and

·         supports Economic Development Regina’s 2030 Economic Growth Plan which identifies investment in Events, Conventions and Tradeshows as a key opportunity to increase the city’s prosperity and economic potential for the next 10 years.


A large part of Regina’s cultural vibrancy is tied to its many diverse and well-established festivals and events. These events contribute to a sense of civic pride and cohesion among residents while also bringing significant economic benefit to the city.


At its regular meeting on July 29, 2020, City Council considered item CR20-69 Events, Conventions and Tradeshows (ECT) and approved the ECT Policy and its accompanying event evaluation framework (Appendix A). Administration has evaluated the opportunity through the lens of the policy and and it met all of the criteria under the City’s event evaluation framework.


The Alliance for Events, Conventions and Tradeshows (ECT Alliance) is led by Economic Development Regina and consists of representation from the City of Regina (City), Regina Hotel Association, Regina Exhibition Association Limited (REAL) and Tourism Saskatchewan. The ECT Alliance mandate is to provide strategic, long-term guidance and oversight in the identification of major city-wide and regional prospects that are an ideal fit within our community, facilities and hotels.


ECT Alliance partners believe the Games will help strengthen the hospitality and service sectors, which have been negatively impacted by Covid-19. Given that, Tourism Saskatchewan has committed support for the Games in the amount of $40,000.


Accessibility implications

The Games are an inclusive place for Special Olympians and athletes experiencing a disability. Special Olympics and para sport events are included in each Games’ sport competition calendar.


In addition, the Games provides an advanced sport development opportunity to Indigenous athletes and coaches competing in the Tony Cote Summer and Winter Games and are a training ground for the North American Indigenous Games.


There are no environmental or other implications.




In 2020, the opportunity to provide financial support to the Games was reviewed by the ECT Alliance. As a result of those deliberations a $50,000 investment in the Games was approved by the City Manager under the authority delegated to him by the Events, Conventions and Tradeshows Policy.


Over the following months, further conversations with Games staff has revealed that the amount of rental fees charged to the Games for access to City owned facilities, will be higher than initially estimated (Appendix B). For example, the needs of the badminton & gymnastics competitions result in the Games reserving the entire Fieldhouse from February 19 to 27, 2022. Which results in a substantial cost to the Games under the Council approved Community Services Fees Bylaw.


The total facility rentals fees to be charged to the Games for access to all City-owned venues is still to be determined. However, the rental cost associated with the competition facilities alone is estimated at approximately $60,200.


A contribution of facility rental fees of up to $50,000. Combined with the $50,000 grant already approved under the City Manager’s delegated authority, the City’s total financial support to the Games would be up to $100,000.


Option 2 – Provide a higher level of support for City-owned facility rental fees

Under this option, Council may choose to provide a higher level of financial support to the Games, beyond the $50,000 grant already approved.


Option 3 – Status Quo

In addition to the options listed above, the City could choose to not provide additional financial support to this event beyond the $50,000 grant already approved under the City Manager’s delegated authority.


It should be noted that Administration is assisting in the planning of the Games in other ways such as facilitating the posting of Games procurement documents on Sask Tenders and exploring the City’s ability to provide City owned space to store Games equipment prior to the event.



The corporate City logo will be shared to be implemented into promotions material to recognize the City as a sponsor of this event.




The Opportunity

Involving approximately 1,800 participants from every corner of the province and upwards of 1,200 local volunteers, the Games are a biennial celebration of sport and community that alternates between Summer and Winter Games. The Games provide an opportunity for Saskatchewan’s developing athletes, coaches, and officials to participate in a major multi-sport event. The Games also act as a springboard for a higher level of competition. Many Games alumni have progressed to the Canada Games, North American Indigenous Games, national and international championships, including the Olympic Games.


Typically, the Saskatchewan Games Council invites communities to bid to host a Saskatchewan Games approximately 27 months prior to each Games. In the past, Regina and Saskatoon have not been included in this invitation process due to their ability to attract and host larger national and international events.


2022 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Saskatchewan Games. After internal discussions, the Saskatchewan Games Council determined that there were several benefits to holding these 50th anniversary games in a larger center with more amenities. To that end, the Saskatchewan Games Council has picked Regina as the host community for the 2022 Games for the following reasons:


·         the quality and accessibility of sport venues that meet the Provincial Sport Organizations minimum standard;

·         a variety of venue options for Opening and Closing Ceremonies;

·         a history of successfully hosting many major events;

·         access to a variety of guest rooms for VIPs, officials, mission staff and athlete supporters;

·         strong local and corporate partnerships; and

·         2022 will be the first time that Regina has ever hosted the Games.


The Games will be held from February 20 - 26, 2022 and will feature the following sports:

·         Alpine Skiing

·         Gymnastics

·         Artistic Swimming

·         Judo

·         Badminton

·         Snowboarding

·         Biathlon

·         Speed Skating

·         Curling

·         Table Tennis

·         Figure Skating

·         Weightlifting

·         Futsal (FIFA’s official indoor soccer game)

·         Wrestling

·         Special Olympics – Bowling and Figure Skating

·         Cross Country Skiing and Para-Nordic Skiing


The Local Host

A Host Organization, 2022 Saskatchewan Winter Games Inc., has been incorporated and will be responsible for the organization and staging all aspects of the Games, including:


·         Securing all sport venues for competition;

·         Developing and monitoring the operation and capital budgets;

·         Providing administration support through the hiring of support staff;

·         Recruitment of 1,200 volunteers and all additional leadership volunteers;

·         Arranging internal transportation for all participants;

·         Establishing an Athletes’ Village with all the necessary amenities;

·         Staging an opening and closing ceremony;

·         Developing and implementing a sponsorship and fundraising plan; and

·         Creating a plan to incorporate cultural events into the Games.


In addition, 2022 Saskatchewan Winter Games Inc will be supported by the Saskatchewan Games Council, Provincial Sport Organizations and Districts for Sport, Culture and Recreation from around the province.


The total budget for the 2022 Games is approximately $1.50 million. The 2018 games in North Battleford generated revenues of $1.74 million and realized a surplus of $247,600. This surplus was invested back in the community.


It should be noted that the Saskatchewan Games Council will make a major investment in the 2022 Games including:


·         A $420,000 Hosting/Operations Grant provided to 2022 Saskatchewan Winter Games Inc.

·         The $250,000 SGLP which provides matching grants for facility upgrades and equipment.

·         $100,000 in assets including 500 bunk beds, 9 sea-cans for storage, mascots, registration software, website, promotional tools, medal podiums, etc.

·         $50,000 to $75,000 provincially generated sponsorship revenue.


The Request of the City

Administration recommends that the City support the 2022 Games by providing:

a.      access valued up to $50,000 to City-owned venues used during the course of the Games by the Host Organization including:

i.        the waiver of any facility rental fee for City-owned and operated facilities. Administration does not have the delegated authority to waive rental fees for users of City-owned and operated facilities therefore City Council approval is required to provide this support,

ii.       the payment by the City, on the Games behalf, of facility rental fees incurred by the Games at City-owned but Regina Exhibition Association Limited (REAL) operated facilities.

b.      a grant valued up to $50,000. This grant can be used to help offset the cost of any City provided services required during the Games as well as any other expenditures incurred by 2022 Saskatchewan Winter Games Regina Inc. The City Manger has approved this contribution under the authority delegated by the Events, Conventions and Tradeshows Policy.


Local Impact

Approximately 1,800 athletes and coaches will participate in the Games. In addition, the Games will include 80 mission staff volunteers, hundreds of sport officials and close to 5,000 parents and other spectators over the seven-day event. The volunteer component for the local community will include 15 to 20 key leadership volunteers who will act as the Board of Directors for the Games; an additional 80 to 100 planning volunteers; and another 1,200 general volunteers to support the operation of the Games. In addition to the volunteer contingent, a Games Manager will be employed for approximately 15 months with two to three support staff employed closer to Games time (three to four months).


The Saskatchewan Games Council reports that based on the Sport Tourism Economic Impact Model (STEAM), the 2018 Saskatchewan Winter Games in North Battleford contributed $3.5 million to the local economy. The economic impact of the 2022 Games is anticipated to be consistent with this result.


ECT Alliance has assessed this opportunity based on its economic impact, legacy, contribution to community pride, community engagement, potential for media exposure, availability of partnerships, and an assessment of the potential organizing committee’s strength and capacity to deliver the event. This opportunity was rated favourably as a result of its economic benefits, opportunity for community legacy and the strong community support to host the event).


The Games represents the largest multi-sport event in the province for athletes 12 to 18 years of age and integrates Special Olympics and Para Sport athletes. In addition, the organizing committee is driven by women desired to create a legacy of leadership development for the community. This committee is prioritizing Indigenous involvement and multi-cultural inclusion. The committee has stated that its legacy will be a new way forward for the Games in the next 50 years.




July 29, 2020, CR20-69 Events, Conventions and Tradeshows. City Council approved the Events, Conventions and Tradeshows policy and its Event Evaluation framework. City Council also approved in principle an annual budget of $325,000 to support the attraction of ECT.


March 25, 2021, CM21-3 2021 General and Utility Operating Budget and 2021 - 2025 General and Utility Capital Plan. City Council approved an annual budget of $325,000 for the attraction of ECT.


The recommendations in this report require City Council approval.




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