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Regina Airport Authority and City of Regina Memorandum of Understanding


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The Regina Airport Authority (RAA) is required to negotiate an agreement with the City of Regina as per their Ground Lease Agreement with the Federal Government. The Agreement will ensure that any development on the RAA lands will be done in harmony with the Citys planning and that the City will work with the RAA to ensure that development around the airport will not hinder airport operations.



Policy/Strategy Impact

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aligns specifically with Design Regina:  The Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 2013-48 in Section D10 Economic Development:


Goal 2 Economic Growth Optimize the economic development potential of Regina, the region, and the Province of Saskatchewan.

12.6 Collaborate with community economic development stakeholders across the region to leverage shared economic advantages and tourism opportunities, including but not limited to:

12.6.4 Maximizing potential linkages and leveraging special economic assets such as Innovation Place, the Global Transportation Hub, Regina International Airport, the University of Regina and other specific lands and land uses with high linkage/spinoff potential.


Financial Impact

This report has no direct financial implications. 


Through the MOU, RAA acknowledges that applicable development-related levies and fees will apply to non-aviation development on RAA lands consistent with how such fees are imposed on development on lands under municipal jurisdiction.


The RAA also acknowledges that all RAA lands are subject to the same assessment and collection of property taxes as other lands in the city. The City will work with the RAA to establish property accounts for each of its sub-tenants in order to assess them directly. Land tenants property accounts are eligible for appeal as per legislation contained in the Cities Act. The RAA agrees that it will be responsible for any outstanding taxes owed to the City by any of its sub-tenants.


Legal Impact

The proposed memo of understanding establishes principles for guiding the parties relationship but does not create any legally binding obligations on either party.




Alternative options would be:

1.      Approve the MOU with specific amendments.

1.      Refer the MOU back to Administration for further review to address any specific concerns that Council may have. 

2.      Deny the MOU.





Should Council approve the MOU, an official signing event will be arranged with the Mayor and the RAAs Board Chair.


The RAA and interested parties will be notified of when this report goes forward and of Councils decision.




The RAA approached the City of Regina to establish an MOU to ensure that development of the lands under each partys respective jurisdiction is done in consultation with each other and with recognition, wherever possible, of each partys broader planning policies and objectives. This is in fulfillment of a requirement of the RAAs Ground Lease Agreement with the Government of Canada.


The RAA and City Administration worked collaboratively to prepare the proposed MOU for Councils consideration. The MOU has been approved by the RAA Board of Directors at their meeting of March 25, 2021.


The MOU outlines the important relationship between the two parties and the need to collaborate to promote economic growth for Regina and region. It outlines the need for complementary development which helps to achieve both the Airports Land Use Plan and the Citys Official Community Plan. This non-binding agreement provides the framework for the development of additional municipal servicing agreements, such as Fire Services and Assessment and Tax Agreements. In addition, it provides mechanisms for dispute resolution should it be necessary.




The recommendations in this report are within the delegated authority of Council.


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