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Official Community Plan Amendment - Harbour Landing West - PL201900072


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Report Body

At the October 6, 2021 meeting of Regina Planning Commission, the Commission considered the attached report RPC21-59 from the City Planning & Development Division.


The following addressed the Commission:


-        Bob Linner, representing Long Lake Investments Inc., Regina;

-        Kevin Filteau, representing the Ministry of Education, and Delaine Clyne, representing Regina Public Schools, Regina;

-        Sean Chase, Vicky Bonnell and Doug Sears, representing Regina Catholic School Division, Regina;

-        Chad Jedlic and Blair Forster, representing Forster Harvard Development Corp., Regina;

-        Louise Mohr, Long Lake, and Carmelle Beaudry, Regina, representing Beaucorp Ventures Limited;

-        Nathan Petherick, representing B & A Planning Group, Calgary, and Jacob Froh, representing Associated Engineering, Regina; and

-                    Evan Hunchak and Jason Carlston, representing Dream Development, Regina.


The Commission adopted a resolution to concur in the recommendation contained in the report.


Recommendation #4 in the attached report does not need City Council approval.


Respectfully submitted,