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Councillors Dan LeBlanc, Andrew Stevens, Lori Bresciani, Terina Shaw, Cheryl Stadnichuk and Shanon Zachidniak: Advance Notice of Water Shut Off


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WHEREAS the City is involved in the replacement, repair and maintenance of watermains, sidewalks and roads.


WHEREAS care or replacement of watermains may require residential water service to be temporarily discontinued which poses an inconvenience to citizens.


WHEREAS care or replacement of sidewalks and roads may require road closures and related detours which pose an inconvenience to citizens.


WHEREAS the City currently provides inadequate notice of water shut off, road closures and detours to directly affected citizens.


WHEREAS the City can and should provide better advance notice to those who will be directly affected by infrastructure upgrades.


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Administration prepare a report for the Operations and Community Services Committee for Q4 of 2021 that provides recommendations on the following:


1.      Options to improve the advanced notice provided to citizens whose:

a.      water service is going to be shut off; or

b.      road is going to be temporarily closed.

2.      A plan that shall include the above options to be implemented for the 2022 construction season; and

3.      Shall expressly consider the following two factors for the advance notice:

a.      The preferability of notice to be provided at least the evening before the anticipated work; and

b.      The preferability of electronic notification of disruption – much as is currently provided for garbage and recycling pickup.

Respectfully submitted,



Dan LeBlanc

Councillor – Ward 6



Cheryl Stadnichuk

Councillor – Ward 1


Andrew Stevens

Councillor – Ward 3




Lori Bresciani

Councillor – Ward 4

Terina Shaw

Councillor – Ward 7

Shanon Zachidniak

Councillor – Ward 8