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No Parking at an Entrance of an Alley Restriction Change


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WHEREAS Section 36(1)(d) of City of Regina Bylaw No. 9900, The Regina Traffic Bylaw, 1997 states that no person shall stop a vehicle within 3 metres of an alley intersection, as measured in accordance with Schedule “F”;


WHEREAS Schedule No.1, No Parking Areas of City of Saskatoon Bylaw No. 7200, The Traffic Bylaw states that a vehicle is not permitted to park within one metre of an entrance or exit of an alley, unless otherwise indicated by sign or marking; and


WHEREAS signage is installed at many intersection locations throughout the City of Regina, but rarely at alleyways due cost implications and the proliferation of signage;


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City Solicitor be directed to amend Section 36(1)(d) of The Regina Traffic Bylaw, 1997, Bylaw No. 9900, by changing the 3 metre restriction to 1 metre.


Respectfully submitted,



Terina Shaw

Councillor – Ward 7