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Winter City Strategy Motion – Accessibility and Inclusion Consultation


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On August 26, 2019 Council passed MN19-11 directing Administration to explore creating a Winter City Strategy (Appendix A). In response, Administration has been engaging internal and external stakeholders to develop an inventory of current winter policies and initiatives and identify gaps that exist. This work will be used to inform a report to Council in Q1 that outlines the gaps identified and actions to address them. Accessibility and inclusion are key elements identified in the motion therefore we would like to gather input from the Accessibility Advisory Committee.




Winter Cities

Winter cities is a concept that encourages communities in northern latitudes to plan their transportation systems, buildings and recreation projects around the idea of using their infrastructure during all four seasons. The winter city movement draws city leaders, community groups and the creative sector together to address specific winter challenges. Together these groups can develop plans and policies that support the vitality of a city in the winter.


A Winter City Strategy looks to transform how people perceive and experience winter. Establishing a common vision and shared understanding of potential opportunities help residents, businesses and visitors embrace winter, and create a city that is inviting, vibrant and prosperous, even in the coldest months of the year.


In this case, Council is looking for a Winter City Strategy that would:

·         Celebrate winter activities and promote health and wellness; 

·         Improve community accessibility, inclusion and activities that could lead to economic growth opportunities and could create opportunities for residents, business and visitors; 

·         Provide an opportunity to strengthen existing initiatives and partnerships; and  

·         Improve or transform multi-model transportation options and recreation amenities for year-round activities. 


Winter in Regina

Temperatures and snowfall can vary greatly throughout a single winter and year to year. Regina typically has 201 days a year when the temperature is 0 °C or below. The average temperature is -13°C however temperatures can range from 5°C to -35°C.


The first snowfall usually happens in October or November. Snow typically lasts until April. For about 125 days, more than one-third of the year, Regina has at least a centimetre of snow on the ground. In mid-winter the snowpack averages 18 cm deep. December is the month with the most snowfall.



Administration would like to have an open dialogue about the current state of winter in Regina, what gaps might exist in realizing the goals outlined above and any suggestions on how the community or City of Regina could address those gaps. In preparation for that discussion, please consider the following questions as they relate to accessibility and inclusion:

·         What winter policies, practices or activities are working well in Regina?

·         Are there any barriers to participation? If so, what are they?

·         What kind of initiatives would you recommend to address the gaps?

o        What one thing could the community do that would have the largest impact to address any existing gaps?

o        What one thing could the City of Regina do that would have the largest impact to address any existing gaps?



Respectfully Submitted,             






Prepared by: :Bobbie Selinger, Manager, Community & Recreation Programs