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2021 Council Appointments


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The purpose of this report is to facilitate the appointment of three members of City Council to the Governance Committee of the City of Regina – FHQTC Partnership Agreement.




Strategic Impact


The purpose and objective of the protocol agreement is to strengthen the partnership between the City of Regina and FHQTC through the establishment of regular scheduled meetings at both a governance (elected) and technical (administrative level).

The intent of these regular meetings and the ongoing dialogue focuses on:

·         Information sharing and listening;

·         Discussion of issues and opportunities;

·         Celebration of successes;

·         Recognition and respect for each other’s protocols and processes;

·         Join initiatives to further the relationship by honouring each other’s cultures, values, similarities and differences;

·         Collaborating on projects to enhance the community’s social, cultural, spiritual and economic fabric in a holistic and respectful manner; and

·         Enhance and promote positive perceptions and attitudes between Indigenous communities and the City of Regina.




The annual appointment of two city councillors to the Governance Committee is in keeping with all other Council appointments whereby members are appointed annually.


There are no financial, accessibility, environmental, legal/risk or other impacts arising from this recommendation.




Alternative options for the appointments of two councillors would be:

1.      Approve the appointments on a staggered basis, with one appointment for 1 year and the other for 2 years.

2.      Approve the appointments for the duration of the 2020-2024 Council term.




The recommended appointments will be shared with the FHQTC pending Council approval.




As per the terms of the Protocol Agreement, both parties (the FHQTC and the City of Regina) are to appoint three elected members to the Governance Committee.


The intent behind the Protocol Agreement was that the elected leaders of the FHQTC and City Council, respectively the Tribal Chief and Mayor would automatically be one of three members appointed by each organization.




The Protocol Agreement was initially signed in 2017 by Tribal Chief Edmund Bellegarde, on behalf of the FHQTC and former Mayor Michael Fougere on behalf of the City of Regina.


With the recent election of a new City Council updated appointments are required.


The recommendations contained within this report require City Council approval.


Respectfully Submitted,             




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