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Heritage Building Rehabilitation Program - 2340 Victoria Avenue


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The applicant, Cameron Fraser, on behalf of the board of trustees of the Knox-Metropolitan United Church is requesting a grant to assist in recovering costs associated with conserving the integrity of the three Gothic glass windows under the Heritage Building Rehabilitation Program.




Financial Implications

Section 28(a) of The Heritage Property Act enables City Council to provide grants to any person, organization, agency, association or institution with respect to a heritage property. The Heritage Incentive Policy provides for a cash grant of up to $50,000 for tax exempt properties but limited to a maximum of 50 per cent of eligible conservation costs.


The estimated total project cost of the eligible work is $15,300. Therefore, the project would qualify for a cash grant of 50 per cent of the eligible costs. If actual costs exceed the corresponding estimates by more than 10 per cent, the owner shall provide full particulars as to the reason(s) for such overruns.


The proposed 2021 Operating Budget includes $30,000 for cash grants allocated to the Heritage Building Rehabilitation Program.


Environmental Implications

The conservation work proposed will ensure the building continues to be used and maintained.   


Policy and/or Strategic Implications

Conservation of Knox Metropolitan United Church meets the following policies outlined in Part A of Design Regina: The Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 2013-48:


Section D5: Land Use and Built Environment

Goal 6 - Built Form and Urban Design: Build a beautiful Regina through quality design of its neighbourhoods, public spaces and buildings.

7.38    Consider impacts of alterations, development, and/or public realm improvements on or adjacent to an historic place to ensure its heritage value is conserved.


Section D8: Culture

Goal 1 – Support Cultural Development and Cultural Heritage: Enhance quality of life and strengthen community identity and cohesion through supporting cultural development and cultural heritage.


10.1 Build partnerships and work collaboratively with community groups, other levels of government, and the private and voluntary sectors to encourage cultural development opportunities and conserve historic places.


10.4 Protect, conserve and maintain historic places in accordance with the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada and any other guidelines adopted by City Council.


10.5 Encourage owners to protect historic places through good stewardship and voluntarily designating their property for listing on the Heritage Property Register.


10.11 Leverage and expand funding, financial incentive programs and other means of support to advance cultural development, cultural resources and conservation of historic places.




If Council determines that the property does not require the grant for conservation, Council may reject the application and provide reasons for the decision




The property owners and Heritage Regina have received a copy of this report for information.




City Council approved Bylaw No. 8227 (Appendix C), designating 2340 Victoria Avenue as a Municipal Heritage Property on April 14, 1986. Completed in 1913, the church is a blend of Norman and Gothic style with red brick exterior and stone finish. Originally constructed in 1906, the design was a product of the well-known Toronto and Winnipeg architectural firm, Darling and Pearson. In 1912, the 1200-seat structure was largely destroyed by a devastating tornado but was similarly rebuilt within a year to the specifications of James H. Puntin. Puntin incorporated elements of the original structure, such as portions of the exterior brick walls and the Norman arched entrance, while replicating others such as the bell tower. In 1927, a peal of twelve bells, known as the Francis Darke Memorial Chimes, were installed in the tower and a large addition to the rear of the church was made in 1957.


Conservation Work and Eligible Costs

The aluminium casing around the Gothic windows located on the north, south and east façade of the church is deteriorating and the owners plan on repairing and resealing the window as detailed in the Conservation Plan attached as Appendix B-2. Two estimates of $15,300 and $27,340 were received from companies with experience in windows remediation. Based on the lower cost estimate of $15,300 and the criteria in the Heritage Building Rehabilitation Program, the Administration has determined that the owners of the property on 2340 Victoria Avenue are eligible to receive a cash grant to a maximum of 50 per cent of the estimated total project cost. The exact amount of the grant to be disbursed will be based on the actual cost of the conservation work as identified in submitted invoices.


This is the first time this property has applied for a Heritage Building Rehabilitation Program grant.




The Heritage Building Rehabilitation Program (CR 14-100) attached as Appendix D of this report was adopted by City Council on August 25, 2014. The Heritage Incentive Policy approved through this program, allows the City to provide tax exemption for eligible conservation work performed for the maintenance of a Municipal Heritage Designated Property. The conservation work must be performed in accordance with the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada.


The recommendations contained within this report require City Council approval.


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