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Animal Bylaw Update – Off-Leash Dog Park


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Administration is currently developing off-leash dog parks in Mount Pleasant and at the former Regent Par-3 site. The Mount Pleasant dog park is expected to open in fall, 2020; the Regent Park dog park – which will include an area for all dogs as well as an area for small dogs only – is expected to open in 2021. In preparation for the opening of these parks, Schedule B of The Regina Animal Bylaw, 2009 No. 2009-44 (Bylaw) needs to be updated to designate these new areas as locations where dogs can be allowed off-leash without contravening section 12. (1) of the Bylaw. While the timing of reopening is dependent on construction progress, Administration is recommending that the Bylaw reflect the following opening dates, with an understanding that the actual opening date may vary due to construction schedules:


·         Mount Pleasant Park:  October 31, 2020

·         Regent Par 3:  September 30, 2021


Maps, which illustrate the designated off leash areas, are provided in Appendix A.




There are no financial, environmental or accessibility impacts with this bylaw revision report.








In preparation for the development of the Regent Par 3 and Mount Pleasant off-leash areas, Administration consulted with user-groups and Community Associations, held multiple consultation sessions for neighbours who live adjacent to the proposed locations and consulted the general public using online and in-person methods. Signage will be installed at each site to outline expectations for those using the off-leash areas, along with contact information for issues that may arise on site. 




City Council approved the development of a neighbourhood off-leash areas, including a space for all dogs as well as a designated space for small dogs, as part of the Regent Par 3 Redevelopment Project in June 2019.  Subsequently, in November 2019, Council approved development of a municipal off-leash area in Mount Pleasant. These decisions were followed by the allocation of funding for Regent Par 3 and Mount Pleasant in the 2020 budget. Construction of the Mount Pleasant off-leash park is anticipated to be complete by the end of October 2020, while Regent Par 3 off-leash parks will be constructed in 2021.


For the parks to be opened to users once complete, The Regina Animal Bylaw, 2009 No. 2009-44, Schedule B must be updated to include these areas as permitted areas for dogs to be off leash.  Failure to update the Bylaw would result in off-leash dogs in these areas being considered ‘At Large’ in accordance with the Bylaw and their owners subject to fines of up to $300 per occurrence in accordance with Schedule C of the Bylaw.


It should be noted that Council has also directed Administration to establish an off-leash area in Harding Park to serve the east area of the City. Consultations are still underway with respect to this site; as a result, a report dealing with the east dog park will be brought to Council at a later date.



CR19-62 – Council approval of the recreation program for the redevelopment of the Regent Par 3 Golf Course including two neighbourhood level off-leash areas.


CR19-99 – Council approved the development of the Mount Pleasant, Harding Park and A.E. Wilson Park Off-Leash dog parks, subject to confirmation through public consultation.


CM19-15 - 2020 General and Utility Operating Budget and 2020 - 2024 General and Utility Capital Plan – Council approved $380,000 in capital funding in 2020 for the development of off-leash dog areas at Mount Pleasant and Harding Park and capital funds for the redevelopment of the Regent Par 3 Golf Course including the development of two neighbourhood level off-leash dog parks.


Respectfully submitted,              Respectfully submitted,

Director, Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services

Executive Director, City Planning & Community Development



Prepared by: Chris Sale, Senior Planner