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Priorities and Planning Committee: Transit Master Plan


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  2. PPC20-11 - Transit Master Plan

Report Body

At the July 6, 2020 meeting of the Priorities and Planning Committee, the Committee considered the attached PPC20-11 Transit Master Plan report from the Citizen Services Division.


The Committee adopted the following resolution after adding recommendation #3:

1.     Approve funding of $440,000 for the development of a Transit Master Plan as follows:

a)     $100,000 from the approved 2020 Operating Budget; and

b)     $340,000 from the 2021 Operating Budget.


2.     Remove PP20-2 from the List of Outstanding Items for the Priorities and Planning Committee.


3.     Direct Administration to ensure that a “sustainability, accessibility and age friendly lens” be applied to the review and consideration of the goals of the Transit Master Plan.


4.     Approve this recommendation at its July 29, 2020 meeting.


Recommendation #2 and #3 noted in the attached report PPC20-11 Transit Master Plan do not require City Council approval.


At the June 17, 2020 meeting of the Priorities and Planning Committee, MacKenzie Kotylak, representing Regina Citizens Public Transit Coalition (RCPTC), addressed the Committee. The meeting adjourned before PPC20-11 Transit Master Plan was considered and deemed to be tabled to the next regular meeting of the Priorities and Planning Committee, or until a special meeting was called.


Respectfully submitted,