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Renewal of Atoskata Alley Litter Collection Agreement


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The Committee adopted a resolution to concur in the recommendation contained in the report.

Recommendation #3 does not require City Council approval.


Councillors:  Jerry Flegel (Chairperson), Lori Bresciani, John Findura and Andrew Stevens were present during consideration of this report by the Community and Protective Services Committee.


The Community and Protective Services Committee, at its meeting held on April 19, 2018, considered the following report from the Administration:




1.      That the Executive Director, City Services or designate be authorized to negotiate and enter into a two-year agreement for alley litter collection with Regina Treaty/Status Indian Services Inc. commencing January 1, 2018 and terminating on December 31, 2019.


2.      That the City Clerk be authorized to execute the necessary agreement on behalf of the City, upon review and approval by the City Solicitor.


3.      That this report be forwarded to the April 30, 2018 City Council meeting for approval.




Alley litter is an ongoing issue in the core neighbourhoods of the city. With the introduction of rollout garbage and recycling containers, some residents are leaving large items in alleyways as opposed to hauling them to the landfill.


The purpose of this report is to request City Council’s approval to enter into a two-year Alley Litter Collection agreement with the Regina Treaty/Status Indian Services Inc. (RT/SIS). The proposed agreement continues a 16-year relationship with RT/SIS, the City’s sole agency for picking up alley litter. To enter into this contract as a sole source acquisition, City Council approval is required in accordance with the purchasing policy.




Prior to 2001, two Property Standards Inspectors from the City’s Bylaw Enforcement Branch were assigned to respond to alley litter. The inspectors would pick up and take the items to the landfill as there were no alternative services available at that time. The costs associated with assigning inspection staff to this task was neither cost nor time efficient.


In 2001, the City issued a request for proposals for alley litter collection services. The contract was awarded to RT/SIS, a not-for-profit organization that provides programs and services that serve the treaty and status population of Regina. RT/SIS delivers the Atoskata Youth Restitution Program, which provides young offenders between the ages 12 to 18 the opportunity to work towards paying restitution to the victims of their crimes. This allows the youth to remain in the community to complete a court disposition as an option to a custody order. The program works towards making youth aware of the impact that crime inflicts on their victims and the community. Atoskata is also financially supported by the Ministry of Justice, which provides staffing and program administration assistance.


Under the agreement, Atoskata performs proactive alley cleanup services in the core neighbourhoods of the city (“designated areas”). Alley pickup in all other parts of the city (“secondary area”) are initiated through service complaints. Items that are left in city alleyways are removed by Atoskata and brought to designated waste management containers, which when full, are brought to the landfill for disposal. The agreement is limited only to litter collection in alleyways and does not include other city property such as streets and easements.




Between 2016 and 2017 there was a 30 per cent increase in the number of service requests for alley litter collection in the secondary area, contributing to a $26,703 increase in alley litter pickup costs for 2017 over the budgeted amount. The Administration is not recommending an increase to the alley litter collection budget at this time, though this may be revisited should cleanup costs remain above $60,000 over the next two years.

Table 1. Cost of Alley Litter Collection 2012-2017


Alley Cleanup Cost














The Administration recommends that the City enter into an agreement for alley litter collection with RT/SIS for the period of January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2019 pursuant to Section 50 (a)-Schedule D, of the Regina Administration Bylaw No. 2003-69. This bylaw provides for sole source acquisitions as approved by Council.


The new agreement also includes minor administrative changes to facilitate invoicing and payments between the Bylaw Enforcement branch and RT/SIS. There are no changes to the scope of services provided for in this agreement. The Ministry of Justice has indicated to RT/SIS that they have no plans for changing their current level of support for the Atoskata program. It is unlikely that Atoskata will be able to expand their scope of services beyond the current agreement.




Financial Implications


None with respect to this report. The annual amount of $60,000 was approved in the 2018 Bylaw Enforcement operating budget and will be included in the 2019 operating budget submission.


Environmental Implications


Alley litter negatively impacts the amenity of neighbourhoods and poses safety risks as larger items may obstruct the passage of emergency and service vehicles. A proactive alley litter collection services that focuses on inner city neighbourhoods will provide a positive image for the area. The health and safety of local residents will also improve by reducing the incidence of fire, rodent and insect infestations, and vandalism.


Items placed in the alleys of the City negatively impact the neighbourhood. A proactive alley litter collection service that focuses on inner city neighbourhoods will provide a positive image for the area. The health and safety of the local residents will also improve by reducing the incidence of fire, rodents, and vandalism by removing large bulky items.


Policy and/or Strategic Implications


The recommendations in this report align with the Social Development and Community Security goals the Design Regina: Official Community Plan by collaborating with other levels of government and community partners to improve the management of litter


Accessibility Implications


None with respect to this report.




None with respect to this report.




The recommendations contained in this report require City Council approval.


Respectfully submitted,





Ashley Thompson, Secretary