Call to Order
Roll Call
Appointment of Vice-Chairperson
Approval of Public Agenda
Adoption of Minutes
Minutes of Nov 12, 2019 4:00 PM
Administration Report
MHC19-10 : Housing Incentives Policy Review - Supplemental Report
documentMHC Public Report Printout
Appendix A - HIP Program Areas
Appendix B - Rental Repair Tax Exemption Scenarios
Tabled Report
MHC19-9 : Housing Incentives Policy Review
documentMHC Public Report Printout
a. Appendix A - Housing Incentives Policy
b. Appendix B - Incentive Uptake Table
c. Appendix C - Administration Response to Stakeholder Feedback
d. Appendix D - Stakeholder Comments on Recommendation
e. Appendix E - Praxis HIP Focus Group Report
Resolution for Private Session