Call to Order
Roll Call
Approval of Public Agenda
Adoption of Minutes
Minutes of Oct 9, 2019 4:00 PM
Administration Reports
RPC19-35 : Lane Closure Application (19-CL-01) Road Right-of-Way Adjacent to 2150 Alexandra Street
a. 19-CL-01 Appendix A-1
b. 19-CL-01 Appendix A-2
c. 19-CL-01 Appendix A-3
d. 19-CL-01 Appendix A-4
e. 19-CL-01 Appendix B
RPC19-36 : Zoning Bylaw Amendment Application (19-Z-09) - 2109 York Street
a. 19-Z-09 Appendix A-1
b. 19-Z-09 Appendix A-2
c. 19-Z-09 Appendix A-3
d. 19-Z-09 Appendix B
e. 19-Z-09 Appendix A-4
Tabled Report
RPC19-27 : Civic Naming Committee Guideline and Street Name List Review
documentRPC Public Report Printout
a. Appendix A Potential Culls
b. Appendix B Firefighters
Administration Communication
RPC19-37 : City of Regina Zoning Bylaw 2019-19 Presentation
documentRPC Public Communication Memo Printout