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Adoption of Minutes
Minutes of Jan 9, 2019 4:00 PM
Administration Reports
RPC19-5 : Application for Partial Street Closure (18-CL-04) Road Right-of-Way Adjacent to 702 Toronto Street
documentRPC-Public Report Printout
a. RPC19-5AppA-1
b. RPC19-5AppA-2
c. RPC19-5AppA-3
RPC19-6 : Discretionary Use Application (18-DU-18) Proposed Warehousing/Processing, Hazardous Materials/Wastes – 855 Park Street
documentRPC-Public Report Printout
a. RPC19-6AppA-1
b. RPC19-6AppA-2
c. RPC19-6AppA-3.1
d. RPC19-6AppA-3.2
e. RPC19-6AppB
RPC19-7 : Discretionary Use Application (18-DU-17) Proposed Retail Use and Addition to Shopping Centre – 803 N Argyle Street
documentRPC-Public Report Printout
a. RPC19-7AppA-1
b. RPC19-7AppA-2
c. RPC19-7AppA-3.1
d. RPC19-7AppA-3.2
e. RPC19-7AppA-3.3
RPC19-8 : Discretionary Use Application (18-DU-16) Proposed Child Day Care Centre - 6339 Leger Bay
documentRPC-Public Report Printout
a. RPC19-8AppA-1
b. RPC19-8AppA-2
c. RPC19-8AppA-3.1
d. RPC19-8AppA-3.2
e. RPC19-8AppA-3.3
f. RPC19-8AppA-3.4
g. RPC19-8AppA-3.5
h. RPC19-8AppA-3.6
i. RPC19-8AppB
RPC19-9 : Policy to Administer an Inventory of Heritage Property in Regina and Repeal of Bylaw No. 8912 - A Bylaw of the City of Regina to Deny a Permit for the Alteration or Demolition of Properties That the Council of the City of Regina May Wish to Designate as Municipal Heritage Properties
documentRPC Public Communication Memo Printout
a. RPC19-9Appendix