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Approval of Public Agenda
Adoption of Minutes
Minutes of Jan 9, 2019 4:00 PM
Administration Reports
RPC19-5 : Application for Partial Street Closure (18-CL-04) Road Right-of-Way Adjacent to 702 Toronto Street
documentRPC Report Printout
a. RPC19-5AppA-1
b. RPC19-5AppA-2
c. RPC19-5AppA-3
RPC19-6 : Discretionary Use Application (18-DU-18) Proposed Warehousing/Processing, Hazardous Materials/Wastes – 855 Park Street
documentRPC Report Printout
a. RPC19-6AppA-1
b. RPC19-6AppA-2
c. RPC19-6AppA-3.1
d. RPC19-6AppA-3.2
e. RPC19-6AppB
RPC19-7 : Discretionary Use Application (18-DU-17) Proposed Retail Use and Addition to Shopping Centre – 803 N Argyle Street
documentRPC Report Printout
a. RPC19-7AppA-1
b. RPC19-7AppA-2
c. RPC19-7AppA-3.1
d. RPC19-7AppA-3.2
e. RPC19-7AppA-3.3
RPC19-8 : Discretionary Use Application (18-DU-16) Proposed Child Day Care Centre - 6339 Leger Bay
documentRPC Report Printout
a. RPC19-8AppA-1
b. RPC19-8AppA-2
c. RPC19-8AppA-3.1
d. RPC19-8AppA-3.2
e. RPC19-8AppA-3.3
f. RPC19-8AppA-3.4
g. RPC19-8AppA-3.5
h. RPC19-8AppA-3.6
i. RPC19-8AppB
RPC19-9 : Policy to Administer an Inventory of Heritage Property in Regina and Repeal of Bylaw No. 8912 - A Bylaw of the City of Regina to Deny a Permit for the Alteration or Demolition of Properties That the Council of the City of Regina May Wish to Designate as Municipal Heritage Properties
documentRPC Communication Memo Printout
a. RPC19-9Appendix