Call to Order
Roll Call
Approval of Public Agenda
Administration Reports
PPC19-1 : Policy to Administer an Inventory of Heritage Property in Regina and Repeal of Bylaw No. 8912 - A Bylaw of the City of Regina to Deny a Permit for the Alteration or Demolition of Properties That the Council of the City of Regina May Wish to Designate as Municipal Heritage Properties
documentPPC Public Report Printout
a. App A-1 Heritage Holding Bylaw
b. App A-2 Heritage Holding Bylaw
c. App A-3 Heritage Holding Bylaw
d. App A-4 -Heritage Holding Bylaw
e. App A-5 Heritage Holding Bylaw
f. App A-6 Heritage Holding Bylaw
PPC19-2 : Neighbourhood and Corridor Sequencing Plan
documentPPC Public Report Printout
a. App A - Intensification Boundary
b. App B - Memo to Council Sequencing Plan
c. App C - Neighbourhood Plan - Summary of Indicators
d. App D - Neighbourhood Prioritization
e. App E - Neighbourhood Plan Prioritization Map
f. App F - Design Regina Map 1
g. App G - Corridor Sequencing and Summary of Indicators
Resolution for Private Session