Call to Order
Roll Call
Appointment of Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson
Approval of Public Agenda
1. Agenda Approval
Adoption of Minutes
Minutes of Dec 6, 2018 4:00 PM
Administration Reports
RPC19-1 : Discretionary Use Application (18-DU-15) Proposed Child Day Care Centre - 3615 Kings Road
documentRPC Report Printout
a. RPC19-1AppA-1
b. RPC19-1AppA-2
c. RPC19-1AppA-3.1
d. RPC19-1AppA-3.2
e. RPC19-1AppA-3.3
f. RPC19-1AppB
RPC19-2 : Zoning Bylaw Amendment Application (18-Z-12) Rosewood Park Phase 1, Stage 2
documentRPC Report Printout
a. RPC19-2AppA-1
b. RPC19-2AppA-2
c. RPC19-2AppA-3
d. RPC19-2AppA-4
RPC19-3 : Zoning Bylaw Amendment Application (18-Z-13) Eastbrook Phase 2
documentRPC Report Printout
a. RPC19-3AppA-1
b. RPC19-3AppA-2
c. RPC19-3AppA-3
d. RPC19-3AppA-4
RPC19-4 : Notice of Intention to Designate Property as Municipal Heritage Property (18-H-03) 3160 Albert Street - Cook Residence
documentRPC Report Printout
a. RPC19-4AppA-1
b. RPC19-4AppA-2
c. RPC19-4AppA-3
d. RPC19-4AppA-4
e. RPC19-4AppB