Call to Order
Roll Call
Approval of Public Agenda
Adoption of Minutes
Minutes of Jun 7, 2018 4:00 PM
Administration Reports
PWI18-14 : 9th Avenue North – Courtney Street to Pinkie Road
documentPWI-Public Printout
a. 9th Ave N Pinkie - Short-term Plan Appendix A
b. 9th Ave N Pinkie - Long-term Plan Appendix B
PWI18-15 : Snow Routes Pilot Program Update
documentPWI-Public Printout
a. Appen.A - Amend.Traffic Bylaw No. 9900
b. Appen.B - Highlights.Pilot Prog
c. Appen.C- Pilot 2017-2018 vs Benchmark Data 2016-2017
d. Appen.D-Expansion Plan
PWI18-16 : Winter Maintenance Summary Report
documentPWI-Public Printout
a. Appen. A - Ann.Winter Maint.Summ
PWI18-17 : Organic Waste Service Recommendation
documentPWI-Public Printout
a. Organic Waste Srvc.Appen.A
b. Organic Waste Srvc.Appen.B
c. Organic Waste Srvc.Appen.C
d. Organic Waste Srvc.Appen.D