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Minutes of Jun 6, 2018 4:00 PM
Administration Reports
RPC18-29 : Discretionary Use Application (18-DU-08) Proposed Semi-Detached Dwelling Unit in R6 - Residential Multiple Housing Zone 5602 Waterer Road
documentRPC Public Report Printout
a. RPC18-29AppA-1.pdf
b. RPC18-29AppA-2.pdf
c. RPC18-29AppA-3.pdf
d. RPC18-29AppA-3.1.pdf
e. RPC18-29AppA-3.2.pdf
f. RPC18-29AppA-3.3.pdf
g. RPC18-29AppA-3.4.pdf
RPC18-30 : Zoning Bylaw Amendment Application (18-Z-05) – UH - Urban Holding Zone to DCD12 - Direct Control District and R5 - Residential Multiple Housing Zone Harbour Landing, Phase 6 Stage 3B
documentRPC Public Report Printout
a. RPC18-30AppA-1.pdf
b. RPC18-30AppA-2.pdf
c. RPC18-30AppA-3.pdf
d. RPC18-30AppA-4.pdf
e. RPC18-30AppA-5.pdf
f. RPC18-30AppA-6.pdf
RPC18-31 : Discretionary Use Application (18-DU-09) Building Greater than 2.0 Floor Area Ratio (FAR) in D - Downtown Zone (Parkade Expansion) 1900 Albert Street
documentRPC Public Report Printout
a. RPC18-31AppA-1.pdf
b. RPC18-31AppA-2.pdf
c. RPC18-31AppA-3.1.pdf
d. RPC18-31AppA-3.2.1.pdf
e. RPC18-31AppA-3.2.2.pdf
f. RPC18-31AppA-3.3.pdf
g. RPC18-31AppB.pdf
RPC18-33 : Amendments to Towns Concept Plan and related Zoning Amendments (17-Z-25)
documentRPC Public Report Printout
a. RPC18-33AppA-1.pdf
b. RPC18-33AppA-2.pdf
c. RPC18-33AppB.pdf
d. RPC18-33AppC.pdf
e. RPC18-33AppD.pdf
f. RPC18-33AppE.pdf
g. RPC18-33AppF.pdf
RPC18-32 : Discretionary Use Application (18-DU-10) Salvaging and Recycling (Junk Yard) in IB - Medium Industrial Zone 205 1st Avenue E
documentRPC Public Report Printout
a. RPC18-32AppA-1.pdf
b. RPC18-32AppA-2.pdf
c. RPC18-32AppA-3.1.pdf
RPC18-34 : Proposed Coopertown Concept Plan
documentRPC Public Report Printout
a. RPC18-34AppA.pdf
b. RPC18-34AppB.pdf
c. RPC18-34AppC.pdf
d. RPC18-34AppD.pdf
e. RPC18-34AppE.pdf
f. RPC18-34AppF.pdf
RPC18-28 : Application for Partial Street Closure (18-CL-02) Undeveloped Road Right-of-Way Adjacent to 4239 Dewdney Avenue
documentRPC Public Report Printout
a. RPC18-28AppA-1.pdf
b. RPC18-28AppA-2.pdf
c. RPC18-28AppA-3.pdf
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