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Minutes of Mar 7, 2018 4:00 PM
Administration Reports
RPC18-10 : Discretionary Use Application (18-DU-03) Recreational Service Facility (Yoga Studio) #102 – 3775 Pasqua Street
documentRPC-Public Report Printout
a. RPC18-10AppA-1
b. RPC18-10AppA-2
c. RPC18-10AppA-3.1
RPC18-11 : Discretionary Use Application (17-DU-18) Petroleum Storage Facility 550 East 9th Avenue North
documentRPC-Public Report Printout
a. RPC18-11AppA-1
b. RPC18-11AppA-3.1.pdf
c. RPC18-11AppA-3.2.pdf
RPC18-12 : Discretionary Use Application (18-DU-01) Planned Group of Dwellings (Townhouses) – Westerra Subdivision 1701 Barley Street
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b. RPC18-12AppA-2
c. RPC18-12AppA-3.1.pdf
d. RPC18-12AppA-3.1a.pdf
e. RPC18-12AppA-3.2.pdf
f. RPC18-12AppA-3.3.pdf
g. RPC18-12AppA-3.4.pdf
h. RPC18-12AppA-3.5.pdf
i. RPC18-12AppA-3.6.pdf
j. RPC18-12AppA-3.7.pdf
k. RPC18-12AppA-3.8.pdf
l. RPC18-12AppA-3.9.pdf
m. RPC18-12AppA-3.10
RPC18-13 : Discretionary Use Application (17-DU-24) Proposed Shopping Centre – Capital Crossing 3701 & 3801 Rochdale Boulevard
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a. RPC18-13AppA-1
b. RPC18-13AppA-2
c. RPC18-13AppA-3.1.pdf
d. RPC18-13AppA-3.2.pdf
e. RPC18-13AppA-3.3
RPC18-14 : Discretionary Use Application (18-DU-02) Proposed Day Care Centre in R1-Residential Detached Zone 2 Turgeon Crescent
documentRPC-Public Report Printout
a. RPC18-14AppA-1
b. RPC18-14AppA-2
c. RPC18-14AppA-3.1.pdf
d. RPC18-14AppB
RPC18-15 : Zoning Bylaw Amendment and Discretionary Use Application (17-Z-04/ 17-DU-09) Changes to Tattoo Parlour Regulations and Proposed Personal Service Establishment (tattoo studio) in MX- Mixed Residential Business Zone 1817 Halifax Street
documentRPC-Public Report Printout
a. RPC18-15AppA-1.pdf
b. RPC18-15AppA-2.pdf
c. RPC18-15AppA-3.1.pdf
d. RPC18-15AppA-3.2
e. RPC18-15AppA-3.3
f. RPC18-15AppB