Call to Order
Roll Call
Appointment of Chairperson
Minutes Approval
Minutes of Mar 22, 2017 9:30 AM
City Clerk's Reports
BR18-1 : Review of 2018 Board of Revision Policy Guidelines
a. BR18-1 BORPolicyGuidelines
b. AppendixA-Guidelines
BR18-2 : Review of 2018 Decision Wording Precedent Document
a. BR18-2 DecisionWordingPrecedent
b. Appendix A-2018 DecisionWordingPrecedent
BR18-3 : 2018 Board Member Training
a. BR18-3 MemberTraining
BR18-4 : 2018 Hearing Schedule
a. BR18-4 2018-HearingSchedule
BR18-5 : 2018 Legal Counsel
a. BR18-5-2018LegalCounsel
1. BR18-6 : 2017 Final Statistical Overview
a. BR18-6- 2017FinalStats
BR18-7 : Board of Revision Remuneration
a. BR18-7-BORRemunerationReport