I. Approval of Public Agenda
II. Minutes of the meeting held on January 5, 2015
III. Communications
1. MHAC16-1 Proposed Municipal Heritage Designation - The Watchler 2nd Residence – 13 Leopold Crescent
13 Leopold Crescent Memo to MHAC.docx
Report to Council Feb. 29.pdf
App A-1.pdf
App A-2.pdf
App A-3.pdf
App A-4.pdf
App A-5.pdf
App A-6.pdf
App A-7.pdf
App A-8.pdf
App A-9.pdf
IV. Administration Reports
1. MHAC16-2 Heritage Designation Application (16-H-01)Old Number One Fire Hall - 1654 11th Avenue
16-H-01 Report.docx
16-H-01 Appendix A-1.pdf
16-H-01 Appendix A-2.pdf
16-H-01 Appendix A-3.1.pdf
16-H-01 Appendix A-3.2.pdf
16-H-01 Appendix A-3.3.pdf
16-H-01 Appendix A-3.4.pdf
16-H-01 Appendix A-4.pdf
16-H-01 Appendix A-5.pdf
2. MHAC16-3 Heritage Designation Application (16-H-02) Frontenac Apartments - 2022 Lorne Street
16-H-02 Report.docx
16-H-02 Appendix A-1.pdf
16-H-02 Appendix A-2.pdf
16-H-02 Appendix A-3.1.pdf
16-H-02 Appendix A-3.2.pdf
16-H-02 Appendix A-3.3.pdf
16-H-02 Appendix A-3.4.pdf
16-H-02 Appendix A-4.pdf
16-H-02 Appendix A-5.pdf
3. MHAC16-4 Heritage Designation Application (16-H-03) Somerset Block - 1806 Smith Street
16-H-03 Report.pdf
16-H-03 A-1.pdf
16-H-03 A-2.pdf
16-H-03 A-3.1.pdf
16-H-03 Appendix A-4.pdf
16-H-03 Appendix A-5.pdf
4. MHAC16-5 Heritage Designation Application (16-H-04)Weston Bakery Building - 1377 Hamilton Street
16-H-04 Report.docx
16-H-04 Appendix A-1.pdf
16-H-04 Appendix A-2.pdf
16-H-04 Appendix A-3.1.pdf
16-H-04 Appendix A-4.pdf
16-H-04 Appendix A-5.pdf
V. Other Reports
VI. Adjournment