I. Approval of Public Agenda
II. Minutes of the meeting held on February 10, 2016.
III. Tabled Reports
IV. Administration Reports
1. RPC16-10  Application for Contract Zoning (15-CZ-02) Proposed Two Mixed Use Buildings, 125 Hamilton Street and 120 Broad Street (Locally known as 1925 5th Avenue North)  
Appendix A-1.pdf
Appendix A-2.pdf
Appendix A-3.1a.pdf
Appendix A-3.2a.pdf
Appendix A-3.2b.pdf
Appendix A-3.2c.pdf
Appendix A-3.2d.pdf
Appendix A-3.2e.pdf
Appendix A-3.2f.pdf
Appendix A-3.3a.pdf
Appendix A-3.3b.pdf
Appendix A-3.3c.pdf
Appendix A-3.3d.pdf
Appendix A-3.3e.pdf
Appendix A-3.3f.pdf
Appendix A-3.3g.pdf
Appendix A-3.3h.pdf
Appendix A-3.3i.pdf
Appendix A-3.3j.pdf
Appendix A-3.4a.pdf
Appendix A-3.4b.pdf
Appendix B.pdf
Appendix C-1.pdf
Appendix C-2.pdf
Appendix C-3.pdf
Appendix C-4.pdf
Appendix C-5.pdf
Appendix C-6.pdf
Appendix C-7.pdf
Appendix C-8.pdf
Appendix C-9.pdf
2. RPC16-11  Zoning Amendment Application (15-Z-21) - Discretionary Use Application (15-DU-33) - Live/Work Zoning Regulations – Westerra Subdivision
Appendix A-1.pdf
Appendix A-2.pdf
Appendix A-3 0.pdf
Appendix A-3.1.pdf
Appendix A-3.2.pdf
Appendix A-3.3.pdf
App B-1.pdf
3. RPC16-12  Closure Application (15-CL-20) Portion of Lane Adjacent to 601 Campbell Street and 710 Williams Street
15-CL-20 A-1.pdf
15-CL-20 A-2.pdf
15-CL-20 A-3.pdf
Appendix B.pdf
4. RPC16-13  Off-leash Dog Parks
Off-LeashDogPark AppendixA.pdf
V. Communications
VI. Other Reports
VII. Adjournment