I. Approval of Public Agenda
II. Minutes of the meeting held on April 13, 2016
III. Administration Reports
1. CPS16-11 Regina Cultural Plan
CPS16-11 -Regina Cultural Plan.docx
Appendix A - Regina Cultural Plan.pdf
Appendix B - Regina Cultural Plan Appendix.pdf
2. CPS16-12 Amendments to The Regina Animal Bylaw, 2009
CPS16-12- AmendmentstotheReginaAnimalBylaw.docx
3. CPS16-13 Amendments to Transit Fare Bylaw 2009-22
4. CPS16-14 Paratransit Charter Rates
5. CPS16-15 Supply of Annual Bedding Plants
IV. Communications
1. CPS16-16 Pedestrian Safety and Access to New Transit Route (Vanstone Drive and Rochdale Boulevard)
CPS16-16 Memo-Rochdale&Vanstone.pdf
V. Other Reports
VI. Adjournment