I. Presentations
II. Recognition of Guests
III. Confirmation of Agenda
IV. Adoption of Minutes
V. Urgent Business
VI. Advertised Bylaws and Related Reports
VII. Public Notice Bylaws and Related Reports
VIII. Delegations and Related Reports
IX. Tabled and Related Reports
X. Mayor's Reports
XI. Administration's Reports
1. CM14-7 - Requesting Designation Under the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program
Requesting Designation PDAP.doc
XII. Committee Reports
1. Board of Police Commissioners
2. Community and Protective Services Committee
3. Executive Committee
4. Finance and Administration Committee
5. Public Works and Infrastructure Committee
6. Regina Planning Commission
XIII. Informational Reports
XIV. Motions
XV. Bylaws and Related Reports
XVI. Enquiries
XVII. Communications/Petitions and Related Reports
XVIII. Referred Delegations
XIX. Adjournment