I. Approval of Public Agenda
II. Minutes of the meeting held on March 13, 2014
III. Tabled Reports
IV. Administration Reports
1. PW14-7 - Proposed 2014 Local Improvement
Proposed 2014 Local Improvement Program report 03272014 445.doc
Proposed LIP Appendix A.pdf
Appendix B 2014 LIP Petition Analysis.pdf
2. PW14-8 - Amendment of The Clean Property Bylaw No. 9881 - Outdoor Restaurant Regulations
2014 Outdoor Restaurants rpt.doc
2014 Outdoor Restaurants App A.pdf
3. PW14-9 - Landfill Gas to Energy – Sale of electrical power generated from landfill gas
Landfill Gas to Energy PW Committee FINAL.doc
Landfill Gas to Energy APPENDIX A 03242014.doc
V. Communications
VI. Other Reports
VII. Adjournment