I. Approval of Public Agenda
II. Minutes of the meeting held on June 11, 2013
III. Tabled Reports
1. CSAC13-9 Snow Removal Update
Snow Revoval Update.doc
2. CSAC13-10 City of Regina Swimming Classes
City of Regina Swimming Classes.doc
3. CSAC13-11 Review of Community & Protective Services Committee Minutes - June to October 2013
C&PS Minutes Jun - Oct 2013.doc
APPENDIX A- cps0619m13.pdf
APPENDIX B- cps0710m13.pdf
APPENDIX C - cps0807c13.pdf
APPENDIX D- cps0904 cancellation.pdf
APPENDIX E- cps1016c13.pdf
4. CSAC13-12 Transit September Promotion Update
September Promotion Update.doc
5. CSAC13-13 2013 Transit Routes Update
2013 Transit Routes Update.doc
IV. Administrative Reports
V. Communications
VI. Other Reports
1. CSAC14-1 Date Report
Date Report.doc
APPENDIX A - 2014 Meeting Calendar.pdf
VII. Adjournment