I. Presentation
1. Henry Baker Scholarships
II. Recognition of Guests
III. Confirmation of Agenda
IV. Adoption of Minutes
V. Urgent Business
VI. Pubic Notice and Advertised Bylaws and Related Reports
1. DE13-125 - Michael Harlos:  Zoning Application Quance and Prince of Whales
MAC zoning application.docx
2. CP13-27 - Ann Geres:  Proposed Bylaw No. 2013-67
Ann Geres Communication.pdf
3. CR13-140 - Regina Planning Commission: Application for Zoning Bylaw Amendment (13-Z-15) 3435 Quance Street (2013-67)
rpc13-61 rpt.doc
13z15 App A-1.pdf
13z15 App A-2.pdf
13z15 App A-3.1.pdf
13z15 App A-3.2.pdf
13z15 App A-3.3.pdf
13z15 App A-3.4.pdf
13z15 App B.doc
4. CR13-141 - Regina Planning Commission:  Application for Street Closure (13-CL-03) - Portion of Argan Drive Plan 88R42178 Abutting Lots 1 & 4, Block C Plan 88R42178 - Eastgate (2013-68)
rpc13-63 rpt.doc
13-CL-03 App A-1.pdf
13-CL-03 App A-2.pdf
13-CL-03 App A-3.1.pdf
5. CR13-142 - Regina Planning Commission:  Applicatin for Contract Zoning (13-CZ-04) Proposed Special Care Home 310 E. 18th Avenue (2013-69)
rpc13-64 rpt.doc
13-CZ-04 App A-1.pdf
13-CZ-04 App A-2.pdf
13-CZ-04 App A-3.1.pdf
13-CZ-04 App A-3.2.pdf
13-CZ-04 App A-3.3.pdf
13-CZ-04 App A-3.4.pdf
13-CZ-04 App A-3.5.pdf
6. CR13-143 - Public Works Committee:  Proposed Uniform Assessment Rates - 2014 Local Improvement Program (2013-70)
pw13-19 rpt.doc
Appendix A.doc
7. 2013-67 - The Regina Zoning Amendment Bylaw, 2013 (No. 30)
8. 2013-68 - A Bylaw to Provide for the Closure and Sale of a Portion of Argan Drive Abutting Lts 1 & 4, Block C, Plan 88R42178
9. 2013-69 - The Regina Zoning Amendment Bylaw, 2013 (No. 33)
10. 2013-70 - The 2014 Local Improvement Uniform Rates Bylaw, 2013
VII. Delegations and Related Reports
1. DE13-126 - Steve Kuski: Rooming Houses
Steve Kuski - Rooming Houses Update.pdf
2. DE13-127 - Adam Knutson: Rooming Houses
Adam Knutson Brief.doc
3. DE13-128 - Lakkana Piewkhaow: Rooming Houses
Piewkhaow Brief.doc
4. DE13-129 - John Klein: Rooming Houses
John Klein Brief.doc
5. DE13-130 - Jim Elliott: Rooming Houses
Jim Elliott Brief.docx
6. DE13-131 - Ian Zerr: Rooming Houses
Ian Zerr Brief.doc
7. DE13-132 - Brian Black: Rooming Houses
Brian Black Brief.docx
8. CP13-28 - Nathan Magnus: Rooming Houses
Nathan Magnus Communication.doc
9. CR13-144 - Executive Committee:  Rooming Houses Update
Rooming Houses Update rpt.doc
Appendix 1.doc
Appendix 2.doc
Appendix 3.doc
Appendix 4.doc
VIII. Tabled and Related Reports
IX. Mayor's Reports
X. Administration's Reports
1. CM13-12 - Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade - Authority Reassignment
WWTP Upgrade - Authority Reassignment.doc
XI. Committee Reports
1. Board of Police Commissioners
2. Community and Protective Services Committee
3. Executive Committee
4. Finance and Administration Committee
1. CR13-145 - Tax Enforcement - Application for Title - 2013 Liens
Tax Enforcement - Application for Title - 2013 Liens.doc
Appendix A - Tax Enforcement 2013 Liens.PDF
5. Public Works Committee
1. CR13-146 - Options for Removing Properties Exempt from the Clean Property Bylaw (WU07-29)
pw13-18 rpt.doc
6. Regina Planning Commission
1. CR13-147 - Application for Discretionary Use (13-DU-18) Proposed Planned Group of Dwellings (Apartments), Parcels R and S in Phase 5 Greens on Gardiner
rpc13-65 rpt.doc
13-DU-18 App A-1.pdf
13-DU-18 App A-2.pdf
13-DU-18 App A-3.1.0.pdf
13-DU-18 App A-3.1.1.pdf
13-DU-18 App A-3.1.2.pdf
13-DU-18 App A-3.2.pdf
13-DU-18 App A-3.3.0.pdf
13-DU-18 App A-3.3.1.pdf
13-DU-18 App A-3.4.pdf
2. CR13-148 - Application for Discretionary Use (13-DU-22) Proposed Warehousing of Hazardous Chemicals, 100 McDonald Street
13-DU-22 App A-3.1.pdf
13-DU-22 App A-3.2.pdf
13-DU-22 App A-3.3.pdf
13-DU-22 App B.pdf
rpc13-66 rpt.doc
13-DU-22 App A-1.pdf
13-DU-22 App A-2.pdf
7. CR13-149 - Application for Discretionary Use (13-DU-20) Proposed - Planned Townhouse Dwelling Units, 3800 Arcola Avenue
rpc13-70 rpt.doc
13-DU-20 App A-1.pdf
13-DU-20 App A-2.pdf
13-DU-20 App A-3.1.pdf
13-DU-20 App A-3.2.pdf
13-DU-20 App A-3.3.pdf
13-DU-20 App A-3.4.pdf
XII. Informational Reports
XIII. Motions
1. MN13-5 - Neighbourhood Infrastructure Improvement Program
Council Motion - Street Renewal - Oct 8 13.doc
XIV. Bylaws and Related Reports
XV. Enquiries
XVI. Communications/Petitions and Related Reports
1. CP13-29 - RROC Appointment Communication
RROC Appointment Communication.pdf
2. CP13-30 - Wastewater Treatment Plant Referendum - September 25, 2013
Referendum report.doc
Appendix A - Certificate of Results.doc
Appendix B - Official Referendum Summary of Results.pdf
Appendix C - Turnout Per Poll.pdf
XVII. Referred Delegations
XVIII. Adjournment